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  1. If the German navy sunk a ship illegaly, the owner could apply for reimbursement at the Prise Court. That`s basicly it.
  2. Dear fellow collectors. I`m looking for informations on the Chinese decorations that might have been awarded to the 100+ members of the German military advisor mission. The question came up while discussing the tunic of Wehrmacht General Hermann Starke. His tunic has loops for a breast star on the right pocket, where you would expect the German Cross in Gold/Silver. Which he didn`t received... He was member of the advisor mission to China. So obviously that might hold the answer. And, just by chance, does anyone know, if the German Reich at some point, revoked the permission to w
  3. Dear Friends, please help me out wit this one. The medal is in pretty rough shape for sure, but can it be good? Thank you!
  4. I just got offered this one. It seems to be on the list linked by Prem above as "частный вариант с "неправильной" картой, темная бронза". Since it is the first one for me, I would like to ask for your opinion. Thank you!
  5. Dear friends, I got myself a ribbon bar. Obviously everything is sorted wrong and all devices are missing. The seller (whom I know for some time) told me that the ribbons (stiched together at the back into loops) and the bar have been found disasembled in a box. He just put the ribbons on the bar, as they came out of the box, for the picture. What do I have here: 1 - Iron Cross 1914 2nd class 2 - unknown, by the colors probably Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, maybe a civilian war award, unknown device missing 3 - Long service medal? Device missing? What blue ribbon with device could be on
  6. Thank you! I got it for an Euro, so not much lost.
  7. Dear fellow collectors, Just got this one. I would realy appreciate if you could give me an identification for it. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks oamotme. That was the Shah until 1907. I wonder why his name appears on a medal dated 1941?
  9. Thanks Paul! So I got it all right. Would be interesting to know, how many were awarded to Wehrmacht personel in 1941.
  10. Thanks for your reply on my question. Farsi has a different numeral system, as I understand it. Please take a look here to see, how I came to 1320. https://www.omniglot.com/language/numbers/persian.htm Also the year you calculated is after the Islamic Lunar Calendar, while the medal is dated in Iranian Solar Calendar. That would be 1941 for 1320 or 1954 for 1333. Why is the front and back of my medal opposite? Good question, I would like to know too.
  11. Dear Friends, interesting reading, even after 5 years, since I just obtained one of these and doing some research. The German designation for this medal is "Silver Military Merit Medal for Foreigners" ( silberne Militär-Verdienstmedaille für Ausländer ). Is the year on my medal 1320? I'm not so good with arabic numerals... regards Arne
  12. The patina suggests that they have been in the ground for quite some decades.
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