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  1. Hi, many thanks for the answers. Yes it’s gilt metal, like tombak. Not cheap made and polished decor. It‘s from an old collection, and the ribbon has changed because of the sun. If someone has more informations, please let me know. Many thanks, Chris
  2. Hi Gents, I have received this Order of the Garter. Maybe someone can tell me something about the age and is it a original? How do you like it? Many thanks and best wishes, Chris
  3. Hi, many thanks for your answer. Yes I found it in Germany. Possible that it´s from BAOR units. Chapel could be possibile, but I don´t have any further informations. Best wishes Chris
  4. Hi Gents, what do you think about this lectern banner? It´s good quality made of velvet and silk. Hope you like it, best wishes Chris
  5. Hi Simon, I don´t have access to Ancestry. I´ll try to look there when it´s free. Many thanks for your tips. Best wishes Chris
  6. Hi Simon, again many thanks that you checked out one of my medals. It´s amazaing, that you can say where he did his service. It´s always interesting. Many thanks and best wishes, Chris
  7. Hi gents, here is another war medal from my collection. Given to: S-26871 PTE. W. MC KILLOP. SEAFORTH. Maybe someone can help me with the rewarded? Many thanks and best wishes Chris
  8. Hi Simon, many thanks for your work and great help. I´m not sad that you can´t find something, it´s just always really interesting. Many best and best wishes Chris
  9. Hi Gents, got this medal new. Given to: 108873 PTE. W. Tucker. Durh. L. I. Maybe someone can help me? Many thanks and best wishes Chris
  10. Hi, amazing what for informations you have for me. A sad life story. Best wishes and many thanks Chris
  11. Hi Simon, many thanks for your help. Really interesting. Best wishes Chris
  12. Hi gents, here is another medal from my collection . Its marked with: 21517 PTE. F. BUFFHAM . LINC. R. Many thanks and best wishes Chris
  13. Hi Tony, many thanks for the further informations, very interesting. Best wishes Chris
  14. Hi Tony, many thanks for your great help! I´ve been visiting that cemetry in 2014, for a flandern fields trip. Never expecting a medal to a poor men there. A really sad and interesting story. Best wishes Chris
  15. Hi Gents, I´ve reiceved this medal new. Maybe you can help me with man. It´s marked with: 70495 PTE.G. Vickers. Notts & Derby. R. Best wishes Chris
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