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  1. Gents, I finnaly had the chance to pick the group I was trying to research. Thanks all of you that helped to get some more info on this pilot. Cheers
  2. Hello Peter, many thanks for this very helpfull information. Just sent you a PM. Cheers Julio
  3. Found some more information about him: 10th Royal Fusiliers 23258 Pte. East Surrey Regt 25029 Lance Cpl. RAF Lt Source should be WO 372/9/60610 How he became a pilot on RAF after beeing an infantry soldier?
  4. The gazzette helped me on finding it: Journal from 1st january 1919. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/31098/supplement/96 His full name is George Henry Alexander Hart. Is it possible to find his squadron, type of airplane and any other information? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Peter, I already tried to find him on Gazzete, but didnt work. Thats weird. Cheers
  6. Hello gentlemen I am researching about veterans from WW1 that went to Brazil after the war and I would appreciate more information about this D.F.C. recipient, that supposed to live in Brazil untill his death. 2nd Lt G.H.A. Hart. His certificate has a dispatch signed by Generall Sir George Francis Milne in 1st november 1918 and the war office date is 17 (?) march 1919. Thanks in advance for all information provided. Julio Zary Here is a poor copy of his certificate.
  7. This is the 1968 model, when the name of the country changed to REPUBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL.
  8. This is a 1947 pilot`s badge model. The difference is the addition of the name of the country: ESTADOS UNIDOS DO BRASIL (UNITED STATES OS BRAZIL).
  9. This is a 1941 model of the Pilot`s badge. It was common the pilots use this black backdrop on badge`s back.
  10. This is a diploma of the Order of the Fole. It`s not a BAF item, but is WW2 Air Force related. This Order was a kind of war bonus, in which people raised funds that were passed to RAF to buy Spitfires during the war.
  11. Now a Weapon`s specialist Officer pin. This is very hard to find. It`s is ww2 period too.
  12. As a promissed, I will start to put my BAF stuffs here. First of all, a flying helmet ww2 period from Brazilian Air Force. It is US made, but there is a little word on both headphones (FAB in white). Brazilian pilots flew P47 in Italy, and P36, P40 and Catalinas in Brazil.
  13. Great sword and belt set, congratutations. In a few weeks I will be posting my BAF items here. Soon. Julio
  14. This is a very nice hat. I think its older than mine. Do you believe that yours and mine are the only 2 known on collector`s hands? Julio
  15. Lets try From left to right, top to bottom 1941 visor cap Officer`s insignia 1941 II II Sargeant II 1941 II II Soldier II 1941 II II Soldier II (non Official model) ECEMAR insignia (High Studies and Command of the Air Force) date not known 2 archs - used only in WW2, by all members in Italy - more than 500 2 pilot`s clasp - 1941-1947 model Radio mechanic clasp 1941-47 model 1941 first lieutenant collar insignia 1947 II II II II Officer`s tunic button - date not known airplane mechanic clasp - 1941-47 model photographer clasp - 1947 Navy Pilot - date not known See you Julio
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