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  1. I think, its for an Griffens Order, too. Here my Griffins Order with case. reagrds Thomas
  2. Hello, does any body have the actuel numbers of MVO4X with Beamtenband? Regards Thomas
  3. ups... the last bar ist wrong. Maybee, the first bar is right, because the grippenorder is the last typ. He got it in high age. I think he got the KDM66 as an low rank...sorry Is this bar better?
  4. Hello, no, there isn´t a name on the backside. Best regards Thomas
  5. Hello, here a nice photo with Combatclasp for Nightfighters. Best regrds Thomas
  6. Hello, here a very rare photo of an Lw-Sergeant with the Flakkampfabzeichen Danzig. Interessting, he wear his badge on wrong side. I hope you like this photo:-) Best regards Thomas
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