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  1. here is one quite rare piece from my collection.... with plastic backside
  2. Hi gentlemen here is my set - the cross was awarded to Oberstleutnant (lieutenant colonel) of royal Hungarian Honvéd in 1916 it is gilt broze cross marked Rothe, box is from Mayers. There is awarded officer at picture only as Hauptman (captain) - it was taken between years 1898-1906. He ended his career as Oberst (colonel) in 1918 and he was also promoted to the nobility the same year. Died in 1941 in Košice (Slovakia)
  3. I would like also make one correction regarding SIGNUM LAVDIS medal - the first time was awarded medal in bronze the second award was in silver. So called Wiederholungsspange was ONLY for medal in silver. All medals in bronz with it are fakes
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