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  1. Only 5 more varients to go Please post close ups of all your R3 variants here :love:
  2. This one is my favorite with the swastika base varient.
  3. Been dabling in TR EKs again lately and thought these would be a good show starter First up is a Deschler R3 with packet.
  4. Hi Silberstrand, I have a 1870 EK2 type B for sale if you are interested. Its got some dirt on it but can be cleaned up if the buyer wishes. You can also check out our site at www.mdmilitaria.com. Best, Lee mdmilitaria
  5. I dont know who the maker is as this core will be found on several eks and Im not sure if any known makers used this hardwear. Are you writing the 1914 EK book Chris? Don said someone was writing a book and said photos were needed. Can I be of some assistance?
  6. Nice grouping! Yes your screwback is a Paul Meybauer.
  7. Thanks Kay! I like your site. You wouldnt still have that JH Werner Screwback would you?
  8. Thanks Chris! Death before dismount! Unfortunately those days are gone as I spent most of my time on the ground with the rest of the Scouts and Grunts. Only a mile? LOL! Scouts Out!
  9. Thanks Christolphe! I just got lucky. Here is another shot.
  10. Thought I would take this chance to introduce myself. My name is Lee. I served as a Tank Loader, Driver and Gunner/Assistant Tank Commander for about seven years. I am now a full time college student, Army Reservist and I work with Dion at www.mdmilitaria.com. I am currently interested in rare and engraved EK1s. I was recently lucky enough to acquire this JH Werner EK1 pinback. It is definately a favorite in my collection. Hope you all enjoy.
  11. Very interesting thread and until reading it, I had not noticed that I have never seen a KO cross in a early war style case. I have only seen them in mid to late and possibly post war cases. Of course crosses and cases can be switched around but yet I still have never seen one in an early style case like the other makers already mentioned here. I have two cased KOs in my collection with mid-post war type cases and have seen hundreds more with these same types.
  12. Very nice Greg Sorry I didnt get to my emails in time to answer your question.
  13. Keep rubbing it in Marshall You know Im jealous! Very nice set and it would be the center of any collection
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