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    Militaria of the Principality and Kingdom of Serbia, Principality and Kingdom of Montenegro, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Uniforms and in particular shoulder boards - pogoni of the Imperial Russia. Author of the several books on the subject including one for Osprey Men-At-Arms and variety of articles in France (Militaria Magazine, Gezette des Uniformes, Ligne de Front), Russia (Zeughaus), Germany (Militar Zeitschrift), Serbia, Slovenia....

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  1. Because of this obsession to be the last on the thread without posting anything ever on the subject. I think that this is pretty much the oh. The floor is yours now 🙂
  2. Prince Arsen served in LG Kavaler Guards RGT at the same time with Baron Mannergheim. His brother George served in LG Hussars, but he died very young. King Peter I was honorary General, commander of 14th Olonets IR, whilst Crown Prince Alexander was Captain. Princess Jelena was married to Prince of Royal Blood Ioann Constantinovich Romanov. I wrote about it in detail for the Russian magazine Starii Zeughaus.
  3. 1st Sumsky Hussar Regiment of the Danish King Frederick VIII (until 1912)
  4. 1st Siberian "Stretensky" Infantry Regiment and 34th East Siberian rifle regiment
  5. Those are official samples of "battle dress" pogoni WW1 era 11th Fanagorski Grenadier Regiment, Imperial Russian militaria in full splendour
  6. Or to be more precise, on furlough. Frankly speaking, I was expecting that someone else will pick it up and continue. This time something extremely rare, shoulder board of the Royal Yugoslav 16th Infantry Regiment of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Regiment was named after Emperor in 1911, after Serbian Princess Helena got married to Duke of the royal blood Ioan Konstantinovich Romanov, and cipher was introduced in 1937.
  7. Two pogoni of the Personal Konvoy Cossacks of HM The Emperor, belonged to Nicholas II
  8. There is no Captain in hussars, equivalent rank is called Rotmistr. Shtabs Rotmistr of 12th Hussars is on the picture and Rotmistr (full captain) would be with no pips (stars).
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