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  1. Great lord... Thanks a bunch for this data. I will see what i can track down from that listing Thanks again Bob
  2. Hello, I found the second on Ancestry, but the first one is new for me. Hopefully i can find histories on these units. Can anyone read that and supply a translation per block section? How would i find out more from Leinberg? Thanks for that group of data.
  3. Sorry that was a little dumb of me to not have included that Konrad Lenz b. 26 Dec 1892 Leinberg Resided: Wurzburg D. 6 Feb. 1944 Wurzburg Father: Johann Lenz Leinberg Thanks for your assistance. Bob
  4. Dang, Im trying to research my grandfathers ww1 history. I posted a thread on what i had, hoping others can assist with unit data. Thanks Bob
  5. Hello guys, I'm trying to researcg my grandfather . Here is what i found so far, but i cant find actual information on this units: 6 Nov. 1915 Drafted (Mobilized) 1st Recruit Depot Roayl Bavarian 2 Erstaz / 23 Inf. Regt. 1 Feb. 1916 transferred to: Bavarian Recruit Depot XV ,Royal Bavarian 2nd Regt. 2 Royal Field Recruit Inf / 15 Reserve Corps. 15 Mar. 1916: transferred: 7 Royal Bavarian Ersatz Inf Regt. #2 5 Oct. 1916 transferred: 2 recruit , 2 Erstaz Batt. 28th Inf Regt. 1916 Transferred to 7. II Erstaz Inf Regt. Depot Reserve Corp. 18 Oct. 1916 transferred: 7 Royal Bav. 17
  6. This is just another option for the person wearing it. I have seen another just like this one. But most are normal ring hangers
  7. Mustang Your dagger is the NCO version
  8. I decided a few weeks ago to sell all of my collection. Presently i have been listing all my books, then i will move to the smaller items, before i finish off by listing all 150 plus German daggers. I haven't decided if i'm going to sell all the World Daggers just yet. I still have three Police tunics , Cloth , Badges and a couple of Generals left. Robert@worlddagges.com
  9. Nice daggers hanks for posting them. I'm one of the collectors who prefer to see a dagger look like it's been used. There are too many so called mint daggers out there today.
  10. hello All, I have been hoping that the members here would display what they have in German daggers. Denny and I have great collections, but this forum isn't about what we have. We both would like for this section to become more active. What can we do to help this along? There is allot of room on the net for more than one dagger section.
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