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  1. Hi all! I recently acquired two other Admiral of the Fleet shoulder boards - the first is a pair for the Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal Navy, with cyphers of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The other is a rather interesting piece - the Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal Australian Navy. This rank is honorary, and as of today, has only been conferred upon HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Endinburgh in 1954.
  2. Actually I got it from an eBay bid at a very reasonable price considering it’s an original and the condition is really excellent. But it was just luck as there weren’t many people bidding on it at the time of purchase. Thank you. Yea just as WWIIBuff said, one day you will eventually come across a pair for purchase yourself! It may take awhile but just keep your eyes peeled!
  3. Thank you! In fact these pictures don't even do justice to them. The gold lace still shines beautifully, and the whole board seems like new despite being made during the reign of HM King George VI (1936-1952).
  4. Hi guys, I've just chanced upon a really magnificent pair of Royal Navy Admiral of the Fleet shoulder boards and I thought I'd share some pictures with you! These boards are in really pristine condition with hardly any wear/mothing at all, except for the laces which are slightly stained, and with Gieves maker marks slightly tarnished on one side of the boards. Otherwise they are near perfect! The really interesting thing about this pair is the detailing of the Tudor Crowns, which are very well detailed compared to many other shoulder boards that I've seen. As you can see the mid
  5. Hi guys, I've recently obtained a pair of shoulder boards which bear the coat of arms of the Francoist Spain, but am unable to identify the position or rank related to it.I think we might be able to rule out it being a party related position either as the Falange had their own shoulder boards which bore their own party crest, like Serrano Suner's. Was wondering then if anyone had any idea whether this pair of shoulder boards relate to any specific rank or position under Franco's regime. Thanks! Weixiang
  6. Yea it does seem interesting that Haig's insignia had an extra crown to it. I managed to find another field marshal of that time, Sir Henry Wilson, whom only had the field marshal badge without the crown too. Still not too sure what this extra crown would mean http://www.nickelinthemachine.com/2008/10/knightsbridge-michael-collins-and-the-murder-of-field-marshall-sir-henry-wilson/ I've also finally managed to find someone wearing the ADC shoulder boards which I've shown above. The person wearing it was Field Marshal Herbert Plummer, though at the time of the picture he was of a Brigadi
  7. Alright thank you so much for the clarification Boris! Really appreciated!
  8. Hi Boris You're welcome! I've seen the updates you've made to your WW1 rank insignia PDF too! But just to clarify one matter, does this mean that any officer who was an ADC to the King would wear these shoulder boards or are these reserved for the higher ranking officers such as the ADC Generals? Because I would have thought that the large shoulder boards are usually reserved for General officers and above in their full dress uniform.
  9. Weixiang Liu


    Hi Boris! The PDF looks great! I just got a pair of British WW1 ADC shoulder boards and am trying to figure out what ranks they were for because they do not come with any rank insignia. You can take a look at them at the thread I posted here http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/61866-shoulder-boards-for-the-aide-de-camp-to-king-george-v/ Hope you can help me out with this!
  10. Hi guys! I just recently purchased a pair of heavy shoulder boards for an ADC to King George V and thought that this might be a great addition to the WWI topics! Its quite a unique shoulder board as it only has the monograms of George V without any particular rank insignia, and the style of the gold cords greatly differ from standard military officers. Was wondering if anyone has any idea if such a shoulder board was worn by normal military officers or reserved for ADC generals at that time as large gold shoulder cords were often reserved for the General officers. Thanks! Weix
  11. Yea the person whom I bought it from could only tell me that it was made around 1947-49. I'm guessing it was more likely a prototype that was made during the transition to an independent entity from the US Army. The only thing that I find weird is that the insignia was made on a USN shoulder board. I would have thought that it would make better sense if the prototype was made to resemble the US Army rank insignia.
  12. I recently got my hands on a pair of USAF shoulder boards, but the design is really intriguing and I need a bit of help identifying the history behind this pair. Its a standard USN gold shoulder board, however with the USAF insignia on it. The manufacturer is Hilborn-Hamburger Inc. of Passaic, a major New Jersey military insignia supplier. Would greatly appreciate if someone could provide some information on it!
  13. Hi Mervyn, well I'm just a novice collector, with only a small number of items. Still having a hard time finding sources to buy shoulder board ranks. Weixiang
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