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  1. Is there anyone that can identify this?: FY RB A 217 Pettersen Norway.
  2. I bought this on a Norwegian auction (qxl.no) for some weeks ago, it came from Denmark, paid NOK kr. 75.- (£ 6.23 ), I think it looks good.
  3. This is an C.S.civil war Texas State sword belt buckle and belt. ca. 1861-1865. Must be worth some money. I have rotated you picture. Link: http://www.hanoverbrass.com/texas.html
  4. The chevron lace is part of the tunic, it was fitted when the jacket was made. Here is a picture of a Canadian officer taken in 1915..
  5. In my collection I have this tunic, it is in a corduroy type fabric. the pips are strange. Does anyone have any suggestions what this might be?
  6. Does anyone have any information on this jacket? Can not find anything on internett. It is stamped Household Cavalry and R.H.G. on the label. Was this jacket used after 1945?
  7. Garment made ​​of coarse woven linen, as coal sacks, dish buttons made of galvanized iron.
  8. Bought this for a good while ago, has basically been in doubt whether this is genuine or not. So I leave it to you to decide.
  9. Pictures of stamps, first pants, then coat. And it is M not 14.
  10. Hello Mervyn. I bought this on ebay several years ago, have not been able to find any information about it. I will post picture of the stamp later. Erik.
  11. When I bought this, it was told me this is a prison garments, but I am no longer sure, think rather it is workwear. broad arrow marked, size 14
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