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  1. Would that have been about 3 " below the breast pocket?
  2. I am hoping to find out where on an officers jacket this award would have been placed, anyone at all please help I am unable to find nay info or photos of one being worn.
  3. Great points! in addition any piece should be marked Crown or Eagle N to have been Nitro Proofed with an excessive round.
  4. Armenius M-8 was manufactured in Zella St Blasii in 1919 and in Zella Mehlis. Model 8 is a hammerless .320 or 7.65mm auto (.32acp) revolver, five shot, with a 50mm or 140mm barrel and folding trigger and it looks like you got one! Friedrich Pickert, Armenius Waffenwerk produced a wide range of pocket revolvers prior to 1945, available in a wide variety of of barrel lengths, cylinder capacities and calibers. Although of obsolete design they were cheap and very well made. Most are standard commercial cartridge only I am not sure how much luck you will have in finding the .320 as I have never
  5. I have this jacket could you please offer suggestions as to what it is!
  6. Thought I would put up a photo of my small collection, so, if you got em-show em!
  7. So, would this have been used out of expediency?
  8. I don't think I have seen BLACK... only WHITE! Now is it real ORANGE or just stained somehow?
  9. If you don't mind my asking... how large is your collection?
  10. Please excuse my ignorance... what is it, and this is a great idea for a Thread...A what is it!
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