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  1. here is one of traditional process in finishing a kris before completing with "warangka", its name "penyepuhan". He is one of traditional kris maker with all of tradition, culture and intangible aspects still be done, Mageti's tradition.
  2. another collection: name of dapur: sengkelat luk 13 name of pamor: ngulit semangka
  3. Gents, Here is the kris with meteorite material as a pattern. This is special design by Ki Mpu Guno Anom starting in Jun. 2011 and finished in Oct. 2011, meteorite from my friend in Tibet.
  4. Kapten Windu, But please take a note that some of iron ore also consist of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) then some of meteorite consist of arsenic. Some day I'll show you my new collection with meteorite as a pattern. Thanks,
  5. Great Kapten Windu, would you like to make it to be a Kris..., hhehheehheee pisss I have in small pieces campo del ciello also. Regards,
  6. Sorry gents, the above link just a cover of the Indonesian Kris's proposal, I unable to upload one by one due to capacity of file too large. That is one of my collection book of Kris, feel free to see my Kris collection in Facebook, ismarsodo@yahoo.co.id.
  7. Gents, Here is the proposal of the Indonesia Kris to Unesco for national candidature as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity: http://s1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj577/Ismarsodo/?action=view&current=IMG00441-20120429-1549.jpg This book consist of how the Indonesian Kris as tradition, social function, art, philosophy and mystique from A to Z, presenting by exposing five principal aspects, research by Damartaji's foundation and and team.
  8. Great..., very nice topic to introduce the Indonesian Keris to this club. Maturnuwun Pak Kapten Windu,if you ar ok I will be very happy to join and share my interesting here.
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