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  1. Wow thank you for adding this extra fascinating information much appreciated.
  2. One of the Skoda R2 tanks of the Romanian 1st Tank battalion knocked out by Russian Artillery Odessa August 1941.
  3. Dear Forum Had to share this amazing Romanian Tank Commanders grouping with original award documents to acting Lieutenant Colonel Gheorghe Spirescu who was killed in action on the 18th August 1941 during the battle of Odessa. I believe that I have correctly identified the awards as the Order of the Star of Romania on the military virtue ribbon for bravery in the face of the enemy, and the order of the Crown of Romania Knights cross with swords again on the military virtue ribbon for bravery in the face of the enemy. As you can see they represent a casualty group as clearly the cita
  4. I do like it when a simple fairly common lot is lifted by an unusual item, a diary a splendid photograph, a personal possesion or in this case a souvenir pick up in France which leaves a lot of unanswered questions! BWM/Victory/Defence medal awarded to Percy John Hallett Sgt. MGC on the pair later served in the Devons. John was born @1895 Seavington St Mary, near Chard in Somerset the 1911 Census finds him aged 16 working as a Farm Labourer at Whitelackington, Ilminster, Somerset. I have not been able to trace his service papers but the WW1 pick up makes a simple group by an unusual ad
  5. I am sure you are right two brothers dying 8 weeks apart their mother probably made up both groups with a mixture to keep brothers together. That's my preferred view, but maybe she made a genuine mistake and just made up two groups based on the information on the back of the star. Amazing how many people do not even realise the BWM and Victory are named round the edge too!
  6. I missed a lot during a live auction which would have been "on theme" bit annoyed with myself and then suddenly a picture of a WW1 trio appeared on the screen, it looked mounted for wear many years ago and was described as a 14-15 Star trio to E M Hall 8th Battalion C.E.F. Despite being very much a Liverpool Regiment collector I was aware of the distinguished war service of the Manitoba Regiment and felt the name may be an easy research option, so I had a punt and won the lot. I immediately did some initial research and discovered quickly that E M Hall was in fact a Casualty and had died
  7. Dear Forum I love the fact that this hobby of ours can reawaken the memory of a forgotten soul. Indeed the bottom of the World War 1 Casualty scroll states: LET THOSE THAT COME AFTER SEE TO IT THAT HIS NAME BE NOT FORGOTTEN Sadly with the passage of time the death of next of kin or the kind of apathy from descendants that I will never really understand, they are often forgotten. We however as collectors, do get the opportunity to be temporary custodians of history and in that time remember, record and pay our own tribute to the fallen and the survivors those who served an
  8. Yes of course! Thanks for the reminder Paul. Home on leave couple of pints with a chum then catapulted head first into a telegraph pole having survived WW1 and Persia.
  9. I have had a rather resounding success today in preventing a medal group being split at auction I purchased two 14-15 Trios 1 RAMC and 1 King's Own Royal Lancaster and then managed many lots later to purchase the G.S.M IRAQ to: 11425 Lance Corporal Thomas Lowes K.O.R.L Later Private Ordnance Corps S/9604 Later Acting Sergeant Army Ordnance Corps 7575160 MIC confirms one and the same man and the issue of the 14-15 Trio and G.S.M. Iraq. While I was not surprised at the split (different number and regiment) the auction house had clearly not checked very carefully as there can not
  10. Dear Forum just wanted to share the outcome of my latest research project. I am again really pleased to have been able to uncover the story of the man behind the medals and accurately record his service and ultimately his untimely and sad demise. I recently purchased a nice condition mounted for wear Q.S.A. and 14-15 Trio to W A Harvey Pte. 6897 Manchester Regiment on the Q.S.A. TS-4990 Driver. W A Harvey, A S C on the Trio. His medal index card shows his WW1 medals were not applied for till 1935 and gives his address as 9 Cedar Road Stockport Manchester. I like the way he has mounte
  11. Wow thanks for pointing that out pabzlito yes it is the same officer. Oh I wish I had the space to store that trunk I would have it in a flash. Too big for my little den! I have told J L STRONACH's nephew about the item it may end up back with the family! Best regards Paul
  12. Dear Forum Just thought I'd share a new acquisition which has grown even more impressive in the last few days. I recently purchased from auction a nice condition pair of medals the BWM Delhi Durbar medal to Captain John Lindsay Stronach. I believed the name was sufficiently uncommon to offer good research potential. I was not wrong! John Lindsay Stronach was born in Canada educated in England married in India and served with the Imperial Police Service and was commissioned into the war raised and short lived 2nd/131st United Provinces Battalion Indian Army. (raised from punjab police volu
  13. Dear Forum not sure how the link got broken above here are Carl's Medals How amazing to have a response from a living relative forum power! Paul
  14. Dear Forum Had a good couple of days in Prague despite mother natures attempt to kill me! The rain and thunder and lightening was awesome I am pleased to report all the CWGC graves are in superb condition and it looked like school children had laid flowers that very morning on the graves of those killed in the factory bombing 21/07/1944 and private L E Francis grave. Unfortunately the rain was so heavy I couldnt get a better picture than the one I have already posted above. However a real bonus when I arrived home in direct response to the Newspaper article this has been sent to me. Best
  15. This article was printed in a British regional paper this weekend as tomorrow 21/07/14 is the 70th anniversary of the tragic events that have been uncovered researching a simple group. A chance discovery by a keen amateur historian and medal collector has led to the uncovering of a remarkable tale of gallantry, hardship and finally the ultimate sacrifice paid by a local lad from Dedham Essex during ww2. Paul Dwyer has been collecting medals since his Granddad entrusted him with his WW2 awards over 35 years ago. “Having researched my Granddad’s WW2 service, you could say I was bitten by t
  16. Dear Forum as an added bonus another KLR expert has traced Private Fallon! James Fallon Gender: Male Birth Date: abt 1895 Birth Place: Liverpool, Lancashire, England Age at Enlistment: 18 Regimental Number: 1871/305274 Regiment Name: 8th Irish Battalion The King's Liverpool Regiment One of only two Fallon's in the K.L.R. who earned the 14-15 Star and the only one of the two in the 8th Battalion. Now what a reunite that would be would love to put those two groups together!
  17. Dear Forum Apologies if you have seen this elsewhere but I have to share this as a proud son of Liverpool and a life long collector this has ripped me to shreds I have never held in my hands such a document that in less than 40 words sums up the futility of war yet the incredible gallantry and sacrifice of those who find themselves in the thick of it, we will remember them. Dear Forum I have Just received this today so a research project about to commence. However the preserved runners message has knocked me for six I have read those few words over and over and almost 99 years to the
  18. Dear Forum I have recently acquired a ww2 medal group to a British Officer who served in the ranks with the BEF 1939 evacuated at Dunkirk. Commissioned he was awarded the TEM named to him as a Lieutenant, however amongst his documents and papers I came across this? It turns out this "Autumnal leaf" was dropped on the French troops manning the Maginot Line by the Luftwaffe just before the invasion of France, during the so called "Phoney War" period. It is recognised as the very first of these so called "Leaf Leaflets" and the practice was taken up by the allies and they are found being
  19. Dear Forum Apologies WW2 Third reich is not my collecting sphere at all so I have no idea whatsoever I have here. I have acquired a ww2 British medal group with over 100 photographs then I discovered a little pouch containing these! They must be his pick ups can anyone confirm they are original and exactly what they are? A rough value in pounds or dollars would be fine I dont think they have been added in as I would have paid what I did just for the photographs the medals and 3rd reich bits are freebies! Thanks in advance for any help advice!
  20. Joerg had a play with your pictures on a calibrated monitor and dialed out the colour cast just to the point were you would still see the gilding on a OBE, there is none. So this is a very nicely toned MBE in its original case of course and still with its investiture pin so never been mounted in a group. Quite possibly awarded to a German government official between the wars? May I be really nosey and ask what it cost you? € I travel frequently to Germany and like to keep an eye on prices of UK awards and decorations. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Paul
  21. Cheers Alex My restoration was very gentle! The silver medals had a very gentle soap and water wash to remove dust and debris but not polished at all and patted dry. The Victory Medal had some very bad staining so was dipped as was the Star. Three ribbons were missing and two in tatters all except the TFEM had original period cotton/silk ribbons fitted and a contemporary brass slotted 1920's bar used for mounting. I am really happy with the result
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