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  1. Robin, I had to look as I forget sometimes, It is not in the catalog pricelist and the production figures list it in white and color, however color on the list is referred to in the same way as any color figure. #89 comes in close to the end of model choices of 100 in 1939, I suppose it may have been introduced after the catalog was produced and being a 2 year catalog no amendment made?. Useless information really. I have 2 of them in white and always thought they were one of the nicest in design, but Diebitsch had a nice style in his works. When I first started with Allach I thought those were earthenware and when I had one in hand I was surprised to fid it was white porcelain that had been treated. What other pieces did this woman have? I have not been to Germany yet and always wondered what it might be like to find these pieces in a shop. Best, Kris P.S There were not a ton of these made.
  2. Hi Mike! I will dig out the disk a little later or shoot new ones. It was packed very well and could not ask for better in that regard. Best, Kris
  3. Robin, The black appears I believe in the price list and was offered that way along with the white. The only presentation models of this style were the life or child candleholders and I believe I have seen at least one or 2 that were the same style and dedicated as well. A nice catch just the same and one of the most attractive in my opinion. Best, Kris
  4. Nice pieces!!. If I get some time later I will see if I can shoot some other pieces, if anyone wants to see something in particular let me know, as long as I have it I can shoot some new photos. Best, Kris
  5. And one without the rider. Both of these are Mr. Karner's. Excuse the picture. I hate pulling this piece down when I dont really have too. Best, Kris
  6. Eric, Makes for a tough act to follow really. I know where 2 of them are and probably one of the only politicals I dont have. But I guess I will have to take it down a notch.
  7. There were 2 different bells, one was in the form of a bank and the other is pictured and it sat on a base, the one above is actually made by KPM if im not mistaken and not Allach. KPM pieces however are quite nice. K
  8. I guess im a bit late for this thread but nice pieces just the same. Here is the pilot, I think it was my 2nd purchase if I remember correctly. Take care, K
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