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  1. Hello this is a portrait of PLM (26.09.17) winner Heinrich von Hadeln, born 21.2.1871. I was wondering if someone could help me identify the orders mounted on his medal bar. From left Ek2, HHOx (13.01.17), 3, 4, 5, MVK Austria, 7 , 8 His biography records him having a KVK II+. What would this refer to? And the Deutsche Orders Almanach from 1908/09 shows the Centenary Medal from Prussia, a Japanese Order and a Romanian Order right? Thank very much for your help!
  2. Nice 1917 silver-gilt PLM. Is it yours? Is the recipient known? Which maker? W or Fr?
  3. Hello Komtur, Thank you for your reply. Yes, it would be the one in Stab IR 166. 28.11.1915. Could you be so kind in giving me the page number in which this appears so that I can record the proper reference ? I would appreciate this very much. George
  4. Hello guys, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I need some help. Does anyone have access to the following book? Roth, Erhard Verleihungen von militärischen Orden und Ehrenzeichen des Königreiches Bayern im Ersten Weltkrieg 1914 – 1918 For reference, I need to confirm MVO4th kr & Schw. Awarded to major Josef Bischoff in 1915. I appreciate your help...
  5. No. It isn’t. I’ll post some screenshots of the pawn stars plm By the way, I believe this PLM in not good.
  6. Yup. And that was the expert’s red flag. That’s why he told Rick he was 80% sure it was a good piece, whatever that means... But, who takes an authentic PLM to Pawn Stars anyway?
  7. It was common for the makers mark to be upside down in relation to the silver content mark, but this was not always the case. I mean, this factor alone is not enough to determine a good cross from a bad one
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