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  1. Wow thank you very much! I saw this before at one time but could not remember where. I have been searching for it for many, many years. thank you!
  2. I have the complete collection, but as Vince and Alex said, would buy a reprint if it would include the new information that has appeared since the first print.
  3. Thank you very much! It is indeed an awesome little beauty! Vince. It was last received by Felix Graf von Bothmer.
  4. Walter, thank you very much for your great contribution. here is a link to Schrettinger's digitalized book http://www.nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:bvb:355-ubr14543-2
  5. Waldo, thank you very much for your information. Yes, Ritter von Epp is 268. My bad, I inverted the numbers.. thanks
  6. Thank you Sandro, yes I have seen this MMJO recently auctioned. It is a beautiful piece in gold manufactured in WW1. Kramer’s VPP mentions in pp 78-79 that Kurt Ritter von Hoppfer was awarded MMJO Nr. 33. Thanks
  7. Thank you Christophe and Sandro. I had seen this wonderful thread with the list of recipients. As a matter of fact, I searched everywhere to see If I find the list with Matrikelnummern and recipients, but could not find any such thing. For example von Epps MJ3 numbered 286 was awarded two times before him, once in the 1800’s. Kramer list this as MMJO Nr. 118 So, any idea on how to research a particular piece, say 286, and come up with the name of its 3 recipients? I would really like some help with this. One more thing, all MJ3’s were numbered, and this number was unique right? I mean there were no two number X repeated Right? it seems that the low numbered pieces that I have seen like 1, 33, etc, all were WW1 manufacture. So would this mean that there was no number 1, 33, etc produced in the 1800,s , or that the piece was no longer available, and a WW1 piece made to replace it? In the case of von Epp’s the 1800 build piece was passed among 3 holders. However, could it be true that MJ3 number 1 was made two times. The 1800’s piece which at sometime became unavailable thus needing a 1914 piece also marked 1. this is really confusing to me. I wish I could learn more....
  8. I have a question for the experts here in the Forum regarding the MMJO engraved ring number, or Matrikelnummer, and the recipient to which it was awarded. I have access to Kramer´s “Virtuti Pro Patria” 1966 book, and Schrettinger´s 1882 book. Virtuti Pro Patria numbers seem to be chronological and not the actual “Matrikelnummer” For example, Oberst Theodor Ritter von Hermann’s MMJO that was auctioned a couple of years ago, has a Matrikelnummer 289. However Virtuti Pro Patria (page 147) lists von Hermann’s MMJO as number 150. I guess this is the 150th. MMJO awarded during WW1. So, how can I search a MMJO ring numbers to find out the times and recipients who received it? Where could I find this information? Your guidance and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. It is made in gold by Wagner. Unfortunately, I do not know who the recipient was...
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