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  1. This seems to be the notification of his award of the Iron Cross 2nd Class, does it give any more information ??? This is written on the back of a photograph of the Otto himself. No idea what it says but written by him ?
  2. Hi, I have, for the first time, dipped my toe into collecting some German WW1 material. The problem is my German in almost non-existent! For my first item I got some paperwork relating to a Marine-Korps Flandern casualty. It links directly with my general interest in the Somme Battlefield. I was hoping if I posted them here somebody might be able to tell me what is contained in the correspondence any interesting points in it ? If I am right this first letter was written on 15 April 1918 by the company commander stating that further to his letter on 8 April informing his widow that he was killed on 26 March ??? Part 2 of that letter This seems to be a letter sent on 3 May 1918 stating that he was killed on 26 March 1918 at La Boisselle near Albert and was buried near the road linking Bapaume and Albert 200 yards from La Boiselle with five of his comrades in one grave ???? Part 2 of that letter Part 3 This seems to an initial letter informing his widow of his death???
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