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  1. Thanks Gordon, even though it looks a bit beat up it still retains great quality compared with my GWL badge. It came to me via a well known auction site, accompanied with a very nice Frenca wristwatch stamped D.U. In time honoured fashion,the story being that they were taken from an officer for a packet of tabs. Luckily for me the seller gave no indication of a U-Boat badge in his auction description. I have tried to get a clearer image of it. Cheers Stephen.
  2. Hi, Would love to hear some thoughts on this one,a bit battered and bruised to say the least.It has very similar characteristics to the one in Gordon's book, hinge pin and repaired clip. The measurements are also bang on. Cheers.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply, as you say it may well be a paper weight, keep sake type anniversary badge. Cheers.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to find out any info on this one, there are no visible signs that it was worn as a badge.It came to me in an old cigar box with some other tinnies, armband and cufftitle, has anyone seen one before? Cheers.
  5. Cheers Tom, any idea with that stamp?
  6. Hiya, Prompted by my recent visit to Ypres and the Somme I have added these items to my collection. I would really appreciate it if someone could translate the handwriting, my Fathers Iron Cross? Stamped WM,I think? Cheers.
  7. No problem Tony, this is a good time of the year to field walk as the farmers are busy ploughing. I found this 18 pound shell and Mills grenade only feet apart. Hill 60 Sanctuary Wood Tyne Cot cemetery, resting place of just under 12,000 men.
  8. Langemark Cemetery, as you say very different from the Commonwealth cemeteries.
  9. Hi, Just thought I would post an update to this thread, last week I visited our Tommy's final resting place at the Hooge Crater Cemetery. With my brother and old man we left a little reminder of him, an altogether very humbling experience mixed with a sense of great pride. Stephen.
  10. Very nice Peter, have you looked for the serial number yet? Cheers Stephen.
  11. Hiya, Here are a couple of bedraggled souvenirs that will look better framed. Cheers Stephen. [
  12. Hello, It would be much appreciated if anyone could take a look at this photo of a young Hans Brunsbach who was a machinist aboard U-331. If anyone has any crew photos and can spot him on them I would be most grateful if they could post them or maybe PM me . Many Thanks Stephen.
  13. How about this windswept flag from U-47 sent by Prien with the following note, "Dear Little Lieselotte, Enclosed are what's left of the promised flag of our steel baby, the 'U 47'. Fly it well! All the best, Your G?nther". Sold recently for 6900 euros!! Cheers Stephen.
  14. Thanks for the comments, glad to say that the badge has been withdrawn from the sale. Cheers Stephen.
  15. Hi, Great find, an amazing srory and some really good pictures. Cheers stephen.
  16. Thanks Paul, like you I am also novice when it comes to a badge like this. One thing that I would expect to see with something as scarce as this would be some provenance, this the seller does not have. Cheers stephen.
  17. Hello, Any opinions on this DKiG would be much appericiated, maker Klein. As you can see it has been engraved and awarded to OBLT R MEYER 07.02.45 U-1055. Thanks Stephen.
  18. Hi Gordon, Please could you give me an opinion on this one, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=015 Cheers stephen.
  19. Hello, Thought this may be of interest , it is a framed and what seems to be a post war sevice document made out to a former Obersteurmann Heinrich Muller. It also contains a photo of him and his Naval Cap Eagle, it is signed by KL Otto Stoeffler of U-475 on which Heinrich served aboard between July 1943- April 45. As you can see Heinrich served on another Front-Uboot between Oct 41-Dec 42, as yet I have been unable to find which boat this is. All my efforts to find out this missing information have so far been unsuccessful, the most recent being a letter to the U-Boat archive I received a nice reply from Jak p. Mallman Showell who I later called and spoke to him about it. The photo is not the best but it looks as if he is cleaning oil from his body, and I am not sure if that is a feather on the top of his back. Maybe a Neptune ceremony? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Stephen.
  20. Thanks Gordon, i can definitely see that some kind of glue has been applied to it. I am leaning towards it being pre-war as it came with some other personal items. cheers.
  21. Thanks for the reply Gordon, i have enclosed a scan of the stiffener which as you can see is quite brittle which has split a little at the front and back. As to what it is made from i am not sure, maybe you can tell from the pic. cheers.
  22. Thanks Eduardo, so do you think that these would have come from the first batch issued by zeiss or was there an earlier model. cheers.
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