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  1. Hiya, Here is a nice worn one piece cap, the interior faintly makerd Kiel Aug Geige? pretty hard to make out. Both ribbons have some slight wear and tare, the gold wire on the Gneisenau ribbon is pretty faded but the woven gold wire on the reverse still looks very nice. cheers.
  2. Hiya, Here is the serial number, i would like to know if possible the sequence numbering dates etc. cheers.
  3. Hiya, Though not officially U-Boat binoculars my 7x50's have seen some heavy use in their time, also a couple of nice pictures of two lads from U-262( classic pose, headgear, and bino's). Would i be right in thinking that these blc's were issued en mass to the KM from around mid 1942? cheers smiler.
  4. At the end of the day chris the guy is a dealer. He asked for silly money for the complete lot, no buyer so only alternative is to split the lot.A sad end to one man's fine collection, that's the way it goes. cheers.
  5. Thanks Gordon, I have waited a long time to buy my first U-Boat badge as most know that there are scores of them flying about here, there and everywhere. I just had a good feeling about this one as soon as i saw it, the badge came from the southend-on sea area from an old boys house clearance after he had sadly passed away. Also being able to compare it with the one in your recently acquired book was a great help, new book, first badge, coincidence! cheeers smiler.
  6. Hello, Here is my latest find and a fine badge in my eyes, i hope you will all agree? cheers smiler.
  7. Thanks mate, i have had a look but did not him listed on it. cheers.
  8. Tis a shame Tony, that would have been nice to show my old man a picture of his headstone. cheers.
  9. Hiya, Thanks mate, i already had the info as i have visited the Fusiliers museum which is just down the road from me. One thing that puzzles though is that when i downloaded his medal roll from the NA it states 2nd Bt. Thanks fellas for the travelling info. cheers.
  10. Hiya, Tony, very nice pictures and a great thread.I am also looking to travel to Ypres this year as i have a relative buried at the Hooge crater cemetery, one John Tommy Marsh 1st Bt Lancashire Fusiliers KIA 29/09/18. I am thinking of travelling by eurostar to Brussels and then onto Ypres, does anyone have any advice on wheather this is the best route to take via train and any info on places to stay. Cheers Smiler.
  11. Hiya, Cheers John, great thread and very interesting. I like the painting, museum artist? cheers smiler.
  12. Hiya, Yes, Leather coat and trousers, white dress shirt, a Mannschaftsmutze and a personal service document signed by U-475 Kptl Otto Stoeffler dated from 1st 0kt 1937-aug 45. cheers.
  13. Hiya Paul, Here is a photo of its only stamp 6/6/39. At the moment i am trying to find out which boat Heinrich served on between okt 41-dez.42. cheeers smiler.
  14. Hiya, Here is a rather weathered kit bag that belonged to an OStrm aboard U-475, i can't find any others to compair it with but one thing i do know is that it's big enough to hold the kitchen sink! cheers smiler.
  15. Hiya, Here is my one and only Bordm?tze, you can see the wear and 2 pin holes where the original cap emblem was placed. I now have the comet emblem from U-969 in its place. cheers smiler.
  16. Hiya, Gordon, do you know when the book will be available to us in the uk. cheers.
  17. Thanks for your help and replies lads, i will put these points to the seller as i am waiting for a reply from him as i did ask him if the badge was post war. cheers.
  18. Hello, Has anybody seen one of these badges before, maybe post war or private purchase.It comes from a collection of other KM items. cheers.
  19. hiya, Here is a pair that i have come accross with an eagle and M stamped on them high up on the waist area. maybe u-boat? the makers label has worn away, however they look pretty genuine. cheers stephen.
  20. hiya john, yes, zentra and alpina were swiss made. the wiemer was from a watchmaker in the black forrest. i use a local guy who does any repairs i have, who works from home and does not cost the earth and he is very good. cheers stephen.
  21. sure john, up first is my latest one, KM Alpina 308744 with a real nice art deco style engraving AS ( Kapit?nleutnant Adalbert Schnee ). next the weimer 614893 engraved with 5/12/45, and the selza 506938 and zentra 521591. i think these watches were issued on a ad hoc basis, but as there are no written records..........? cheers stephen.
  22. Hello everyone, Here are some KM watches from my collection. Does anybody have an officers soldbuch which will show details of a purchased KM service watch, also any photo's with a watch in view. cheers stephen.
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