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  1. From a German collector, I got the information kleiner Kreuzer "Amazone" (Kaiserliche Marine).
  2. Kreuzer Prinz Eugen tallies don't come up too often.  You really need to pay attention to the reverse construction.  The alternating stitching pattern on the reverse is what helps determine if this is a good piece vs. a post war reproduction.  Pay attention to that and keep a look out.

    Best Regards,


  3. IMO the last clasp shown in this thread is original. And as far as I know, the only known. Very nice!
  4. That is a VERY nice and impressive collection, Justin!!! Many nice cap tallies shown here. Does anyone know where to find an original Kreuzer Prinz Eugen?
  5. Looking for Kriegsmarine items; documents,Kriegsmarine Plaques, ship photos...

  6. An inspection IRL is ultimate, but your cross looks very good. There are a couple of details, that worry me, so I post some pictures, and you can compare and perhaps come to a conclusion yourself. Reverse
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