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  1. IMO the last clasp shown in this thread is original. And as far as I know, the only known. Very nice!
  2. That is a VERY nice and impressive collection, Justin!!! Many nice cap tallies shown here. Does anyone know where to find an original Kreuzer Prinz Eugen?
  3. Looking for Kriegsmarine items; documents,Kriegsmarine Plaques, ship photos...

  4. An inspection IRL is ultimate, but your cross looks very good. There are a couple of details, that worry me, so I post some pictures, and you can compare and perhaps come to a conclusion yourself. Reverse
  5. This document has no stamp (Dienstsiegel). I know that not everything, regarding paper work, was 100% perfect in the III. Reich, but the lack of a Dienstsiegel worries me a bit. Comments would be appreciated.
  6. As you can see, this document has no date, and that worries me a bit. Has anyone seen a guaranteed original without date?
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