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    Police memorabilia especially City of Bradford Police amalgamated with other West Yorkshire Forces in 1974 - photos etc, in particular those of police stations, buildings, courts in Bradford West Yorkshire.

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  1. I am a retired West Yorkshire sergeant, previously a detective constable with the City of Bradford Police. I am currently researching a book which will focus on the life and times of Bradford's Chief Constables, of which there were nine between 1847 and 1974. On the latter date Local Government reorganisation created the West Yorkshire Metropolitan district and what later came to be known as the present West Yorkshire Police. Effectively this marked the demise of the City of Bradford Police. Bradford's second chief constable, the above named Frederick William Grauhan was born on 5 October 1819 in Prussia, the son of Frederick William Joseph Phillip Grauhan and Juliana Connerle. He was baptised on 21 November 1819 at the Evangelisch Church in Kleve, Rheinland, Frederick William Grauhan was twice married, and on the relevant marriage certificate he describes his father as "a colonel in the army". He served as Bradford's chief constable from June 1859 until 4 October 1874. He died in Bradford on 29 December 1876. I have established that he was appointed Constable in Manchester on 11 September 1845 and rose to the rank of Inspector before transferring to the Leeds Police. It was whilst at Leeds that he successfully applied for the post of chief constable at Bradford. It is said that he was from a military backgound and I would be interested to hear from any member who can shed any light on this given the role of his father as a colonel in the army. Which army? Thus far I have found no record of either father or son in UK military records. Paul Dixon Brighouse West Yorkshire
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