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  1. Hello! My interpretation of this French and Belgian cross asreligious context? for military cross defined by symbol of four fish tails. Therefore valour and rescue image both in civilian life and in the military where it is often the basis of a campaign cross. The fish symbol in early Christian has been used as Hospitaller Cross and Crusader Cross. Nowadays for military association it was the emblem of the Knights of St. John, the eight chivalric obligations or aspirations which are self sacrifice, charity for the poor and the sick, respect for the church, etc.
  2. Hello! Many thanks for wartime. So I should be taking another step with my collection. Which is collecting full time dedication for peace declaration, which is polished, brand new items. This should be greatly enhancing myself and you also.
  3. Hello! I just wanted to understand more about this medal. It's French and during WW1. At this time US entered war so you can make proposal to Mexican government for military alliance. And so black people? men & women perhaps went on to France after their liberation. Over there French military officers were made General in the American forces. But the real reason may be that US loaned money to France and Great Britain. I think I know nothing about the medal with these, but US army must have done exceptionally well against Germans and Russians. Belgium medal is/was entirely different, so it is...
  4. Many thanks for your post addressed direct to me. Also I am very well, thank you. My interests are m any, starting from UN medal and so on... Were you at Japan for? military purposes, business, or perhaps school? I was at International school in Tokyo. A priest from France taught me English when I was very small, before attending Int'l school. Well, he, this priest was one of the pilot shot down at Tokyo, I believe. And as far as I'm told, he was rescued by my grandfather who was police officer. He came back after WW2. As far as I know, he went back to France again right after I graduated high school.
  5. Hello! I'm back here just to make short comment. This is because I'm feeling like in a same boat. I am a Japanese, yes, so kind of having trouble having one also. That is to say, I believe, it's just ordinary matter, but these medals are all for peace purposes, right? And I am a kind of guy that want to take part of/in it. Any kind of commemorative medal were/is fine, and I've done the same as you. It's up on the wall. And maybe the difference is looking at my life, taking action? I'm not in military, is part of human life.
  6. Hello! This is the grey man from the sunny side of earth! Bonjour! Tres Bien! I am presently collecting? German and perhaps Russian items, but this French medal is fantastic! It's very Long life, certainly since it is very handsome. It made me think for days before I decided on german instead of... Many thanks you have stimulated my grey matter!
  7. Hello! Very surprising topic you have! I am very interested in...everything regards international awards. Very interesting, Americans fighting against communist in the jungle? I always like...? I believe the Vietnamese troops were successfully utilizing the Russian famous avoidance of enemy attacks and successful counter attacks. They were skillful for that but not since cultural? ism of togetherness, being soldier and citizen was... Anyway, usually a War is like against ism. Usually when Saigon falls, so be it. And someone awarded medal for that effort. Cause and effect is/was distinct? maybe. So how successful is your collection?
  8. Thank you, Mr Frank for excellent understanding of this Order. I am fully satisfied and fulfilled. As this Order is still present in the Russian navy, I imagine anti-submarine tactics on large scale in modern navy. What do you think?
  9. Hello! This is this shadowy man from Tokyo, slightly slanted, who hates to comment after Masters of medals, but is urged to do so since reality is not known? exactly as seen here at Japan. There has been a leak? of nuclear whatever... after the earthquake. Tourists/foreigners all escaped? forbidden in the areas. And Tokyo was/is? sort of vacant of tourists for sometime. I think Americans know/knew because nuclear shelters were sold out, I heard at the time. It's very nice space Americans are purchasing I thought. We all need one, not the phones. Please excuse me for the interuption.
  10. Hello, Mr Army Historian! I am a member from Tokyo. Frankly speaking I have couple of questions regarding ww2 American medals, and has nothing to do with present topic. Do you mind asking? Very sorry also for entering in your topic, I must apologize for that firsthand.
  11. Hello! Very sorry entering in on this topic without any knowledge! May I ask specifically about this medal? This is from France, is it? America issued this medal or is it French? I know or seen this medal at Belgium also. Seems very complicated story this medal has.
  12. Hello. I am from Tokyo, been somewhat? collecting American medals cautiously. It's my first time seen somebody else's treasure/job done! It's simply awesome! magnificent! I've been thinking that collectors most likely go for bars, where it's displayed, attached in bunches. Personally I collect just like you. One at a time, each one special attention given? So I have different opinions. This photo is job well done, very pleasing to look at, enjoy pride of ownership, and go on further. As for me, I don't have that many yet, and like to apologize for sticking my head in. But very pleasant!
  13. Hello. I am a new member currently residing in Tokyo. Very nice stories I have read so far. Is everything okay? Like Japan been hit by earthquake or earthquakes?
  14. Hello, Mr Frank! It's me again, read this topic. Simply surprised, but nice to read that less than 50 year old item is okay for exporting. For future references, may I ask about this law further more? How about monetary value of okay items? Is there restrictions? Quantity? Is there anything regarding numbers? What or how does Russian customs rate if I come up with more than justifiable number for them?
  15. You are superbly correct, Mr Frank! Past glories, does it work? I mean, Mr Frank, Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov was utterly awesome! Great! Fighting with Napoleon with far less men, sometimes with just 904? guns, he did extremely well, fantastic utilizing march-withdrawal tactics! But since WW1, Russians are numerous, outnumbering opponent/enemies all the time, it seems. Even during or rather right from the beginning Russians were numerous, far more than opposing Germans. But they, Russians were pushed far into their own territiory, their Red Army leader called mediocre? not good enough. And till new soldiers, extremely well equipped? were installed? called in? Russians were not strong enough. But I don't forget fact that churches were allowed to permit? war, fights. Not banned anymore and yes, Kutuzov name were installed? in the battlefields. And...won the war. It is so fascinating! Today...modern day militarism still..or have/are Russian or this Order no longer focuses on the size of opponent? Me, still long way to go.
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