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  1. Gentlemen, I think there is some confusion over the grades of these medals. I think i am correct in saying that the lowest grade of this medal is fourth grade. In reverse order: fourth grade awarded to all other ranks third grade awarded to junior officers second grade awarded to officers of field rank first grade awarded to to brigadiers and major-generals The Excellent Grade was awarded only to the most senior allied commanders, so there are indeed five grades, but there is no fifth grade award because of the Excellent Grade being the highest. I have purchased a 3rd grade medal today complete with it's named packaging to a captain. It is round with a silver grey five pointed star with a radiant background.The original packaging is stamped third grade. These details are confirmed in the medal yearbook 2012. So,i believe the photo posted of the 2nd class medal is actually a first class medal and the excellent grade award will be the medal worn around the neck. I hope this information is of help and if anyone knows anything different i would be interested to hear from you keith
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