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  1. Advanced copies on Amazon, book is due 1 December 2017
  2. Due December 1 2017 Some advanced copies are on Amazon now.
  3. Book is complete, will be available by October 2017 Starting in September 2017 for pre-orders Contact: A6jock@yahoo.com
  4. Book is now complete - will be ready by October 2017. Cheers
  5. Gents The book work continues. I still need high resolution images, Front and Reverse (see page 168 format example), and size and weight data on the following badges: SVR 40 Year SVR 75, 80, 85 & 90 Year INO - PGO - SVR Badges Border Guard 90 Year Anything 2017 yet to be issued. Contact me direct A6jock@Yahoo.com Regards
  6. Data call for INO - PGU - SVR 75, 80, 85, and 90 Year Badges. 90 Year Border Guard Badge V GPU Honored Chekist Badges Gold X RKM
  7. Major upgrades - hard back, full color with badge details. History and organizations 1917 - 2017 Will include the Border Guard and GRU. Late 2017 Data call for early Cheka badges and photos. Need more V GPUs and pre 1930s rare types. Contact me at: A6jock@yahoo.com 1_Cheka_P168 .pdf
  8. Enjoy the French collecting Cheers Well I guess it is my thread at this point and I would very diplomatically invite those not wanting to discuss books along with badges to not enter engage with my apologies... CCJ is your Fr tunic named? It is a vert attractive example, congratulations. I did a deep dive into the subject in Allies 1, see book section for the official post (picture for reference only!). In my research the Army training records with Brevet data were never found, said to be destroyed in WWII etc, but I do have strong Naval data. I would be interested if Army Brevet data ever surfaces. The WWI French has always been slow with collectors but I think the books are helping the field. Regards "Panda"
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