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  1. Yes, you're right. 7 and 8 of the Order of the Precious Crown classes have differences by period During Sheva orders were stamped as a unit In the Meiji era orders were multicomponent constructions Here are the photos http://sammler.ru/index.php?showtopic=131545 http://sammler.ru/index.php?showtopic=135108
  2. It was incorrect (error) information. Photos Golden kites Nicholas Japan X and photos Golden kites Collector of Ukraine are very similar because the same black background. This information is corrected. http://sammler.ru/index.php?showtopic=137092&st=40
  3. Recently (07.11.2013) sold the breast star at the YahooJAPAN auction Price $ 2792 http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w92200123
  4. It not ridiculous excuses. . This is the position of the seller (Egoshin) This description of a fake. Ridiculously only to you to one. Why discuss the manufacturer? He writes honestly that sells fake. It is good quality or not - it does not matter. The problem is quite different. ! The problem is written in the title of this article. Richard topic called: "fakes being resold as authentic on YahooJapan" I think that this topic should not talk about "bad" seller of the Russian Federation (Egoshin), and talk about the "good" from the auction YahooJapan (elfard94), which writes about fakes that they are originals?
  5. My badge third class has a thickness of 3.6 mm. It has the stamp of the "M"
  6. Not necessary to me a copy of medals. I have the originalsYou're Here, there already shown my medals Constitution and the Crown Prince's visit to Korea http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/56618-the-crown-princes-voyage-to-korea-commemorative-medal/
  7. I do not buy these medals! Боже упаси! I live in Rostov-on-Don. Copies of these medals do in Stavropol. About 330 km. They were brought to our city club of collectors. I held them in my hands. I know a man who makes them. He sells them only as a copy.
  8. Excuse for my English. I wanted to tell. Yes. I totally agree with these words (полностью согласен с этими словами): "The problem is that next owner of these beauties can try to sell them as originals .." The new owner can tell that it is the original. These medals more than 3 mm thick, and weight are made by about 20 grams and more. The new buyer will see a difference in the image. Present Constitution medal of very thin 1,87-1,9 mm. The medal with a ring and without a tape weighs 11 grams.
  9. Yes. The new owner can tell. These medals have thickness more than 3 mm and weight is nearly 20 grams or more. The new buyer will take away difference in the image. Real medal of the Constitution of very thin 1,87-1,9 mm. The medal with a ring and without a tape weighs 11 grams.
  10. Ты опять на публику сработал, которая может это нормально прочитать. А я толком и половины не понял
  11. Why to quote my phrases? I didn't quote your words about me. Here discuss an award Николай! Пишу по русски,т.к. по английски у меня хорошо не получится. Потом, если хочешь, можешь сказать модеру удалить эти посты твой с цитатами и мой, т.к. здешним людям это не нужно - наши разборки. На Заммлере пост, т.к. за тобой не угонишься - строчишь как пулемёт темы. Я это написал после случая с колодкой, которая кстати продалась гораздо ниже моего предложения, ты меня не поддержал как коллекционер коллекционера, а наоборот , но я думаю, что в душе со мной возможно был согласен. Если бы по-честному,то взял бы и прокомментировал потом результат торгов. Мои слова в темах - ответ на твои. р.с. В вашей с Романом переписке участия не принимал. Узнал о ней потом. О твоем отлучении с форума узнал от Стаса. Мне теперь "по барабану" кто с кем и почему. Мне теперь как и тебе главное "чистый интерес"! Как сказал один наш с тобой общий знакомый: "Time heals all wounds".
  12. Nick. Tried the insert a picture here. The first time. You know that I have a lot of items. I would like to take part in the discussions.
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