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  1. Here's na article I found on OMSA about this medal: http://www.omsa.org/files/jomsa_arch/Splits/1993/28130_JOMSA_Vol44_6_34.pdf
  2. Hi gents Need some help on how to get information to who this British Normandy 1944 Medal with a serial No.11751 was given to. Is there any online records available where I could get that info? Regards & thanks P.
  3. Hi I brougth to the apreciation of the fórum, this VC Medal replica, (in my opinion a well made replica). Does any one have any idea of the period (or how many years) it could have been made (or have)? Regards P.
  4. I have added this I.S.M. George V (named) some time ago to my collection, but know nothing about the awarded? Is there any place or site where I can obtain any information about John Samuel Merrett. ? Who was he? Awarded for empire services where? What services? Any help would be apreciated... Regards P.
  5. Many thanks Tony for this adicional information, it's indeed of great help... Regards P.
  6. Here is my first WW2 medal set... 8th Army Africa Star medal group to William Balfour later taken POW on Stalag IVB Full size Mounted group of 4 medals with 8th Army Bar Cap Badge Royal Artillery Stalag IVB tag British Rail Awards to Willie Balfour Senior Engine Driver Any other help on getting some more info about him would be apreciated,for example militar record, where was he captured & taken prisioner, or any other details about is time as POW. Many thanks in advance... P.
  7. Bonsoir François Merci beaucoup pour votre aide...ça serait super!!!!! Thank you François that would be great!!!! My very best regards!!!! P.
  8. Bonjour François Thank you four your aid. Do you know if is file could be online? Best regards et merci pour votre aide P. The reason for my question is that I have also obtain some medals among with this bracelet that acourding to the information that I have obtain belonged to this officer. I hope to confirm this information by consulting is militar records!!! One of the medals is this 1939 croix de guerre...
  9. Thank you Tony for the information...
  10. Hi gents Need some help on identify this french army bracelet, is it a WWI model ou WWII? Where or is there online a site where can I find any info about the soldier ? the 1916 number on it is a year or militar ID number? Thanks in advance for any information... Regards Peron
  11. Thanks Claudius... I didn't mencioned however that it is silver plated (not gold) and maybe dated from the 60's or 70's...do you think that even so it could be valued arround that amount? for the rigth collector? Regards P.
  12. Any idea on na actual value for this complete set of Isabella the catolic order by Cejalvo Franco's era?
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