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  1. Original belt buckle with the Cuban shield printed and the initials (C.V.P) this stands for ( Cuerpo de Vigilancia Y Proteccion) POLICE. This buckle is rare because it was only fabricated at the beginning of the 60's. It measures 2' X 2 3/8' inches
  2. PNR - Policia Nacional Revolucionaria I think period from 1960.
  3. Eddie, its possible that its reversed 30 years FAR. If its 30 years FAR, it must be first from left, as its higher that 20 years FAR. Anyway they are mixed on this bar.
  4. Serious major. Was in Angolian war! Ribbon bar from left to right: 1. 20 years FAR 2. For defense of Cuito Cuanavale (RARE)! War in Angola. 3. For service in the FAR (10 years of service). Fantastic item!
  5. Dear friends, My new book about Cuba awards - medals and insignia. About Cuban award system and legislation. Each award has photo and full description. One book in 3 languages - english, spanish, russian. FIRST LIMITED EDITION OF 500 NUMBERED BOOKS. You can choose number from 50 to 500. If number is reserved by another person, I will give you nearest number. Directly from author with signature. Price: 29€ + 10€ shipping worldwide. best regards, Aivars Direct orders: aivars@zvidris.com
  6. Congratulations! Rare and beautiful items!
  7. First line from left to right: 1. 2. maybe not Cuban awards? 3. Maybe soviet - 20 years in WW2 victory (1965), 4. maybe - 50 years to Soviet armed forces (1967). Ribbons are the same, Cuban army officers was awarded by Soviets. When studied in soviet war universities, etc.
  8. I dont know about Nucleares 15anos. Maybe it exists in stock, but I have never seen it. Similar is with Nucleares 10anos. Almost all medals are with incorrect ribbon. My opinion: its a big problem to collect all Cuba medals. If there was 2 Cuba hero stars on auction, it means that 2 people can own them. Not more. This is the same thing - impissible to collect all. I think that serious collection can be completed only with original items, no copies or restrikes. It not american style of award making and collecting. It comes from Ussr.
  9. I dont thnik that is possible to buy ORIGINAL Cuba Hero star. There are only about 60 pieces. And so high award is not possible to buy from awarded personb or his family. But almost half of all Socialist Cuba collectors have this star! How can it is possible? Answer is simple - copies, restrikes! Who have in collection Obras Nucleares 15 anos? Please show pic! best regards.
  10. Its not possible to collect all Cuba medals, as some of them are very rare.
  11. Found image wich proves FAR revers.
  12. Thanks for explanation!
  13. My understanding right now is that Comendante de la Revolucion is lower level than Comendante en Jefe. Comendante en Jefe is rank for Fidel only.
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