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  1. Hi Didier, I do not think there is anyone publishing works in the UK about General Bigeard. Most books only deal in general campaigns, and they are rare enough. There are only a handful of authors being published in the UK who write about French modern campaigns. One is Martin Windrow, who has published two books, and the other is Alastair Horne, who wrote his book back in the 1970's! I see it as an enjoyable challenge to find and personally translate French texts. It makes it worth the effort. Best regards Mark
  2. The following photos are from a reenactment of the French Army's 2nd Colonial Parachute Regiment (2e Régiment de Parachutistes Coloniaux) during the invasion of the Suez Canal zone on 5th November 1956. As part of operation "Telescope Modified" the French para's, led by Lt. Col. Chateau-Jobert, dropped from French Noratlas transport aircraft onto the estuary opposite Port Said. They advanced along the canal to Port Fouad, where they seized the water treatment works and the town itself.
  3. Thanks for sharing this photo with us Bernhard, it certainly adds a personal, human, element to this subject.
  4. Thanks guys, Dien Bien Phu is a subject I keep returning to and has a real hold over me. I'm always thinking up ways of putting together a photoshoot depicting it. One day I'll find myself a suitable location for a set of water-logged trenches... Tomorrow is D-Day for my Suez photoshoot, though the weather forecast is rubbish. Watch this space.
  5. The following photos are from a reenactment of the French Foreign Legion 1st Foreign Parachute Battalion (1er Bataillon Étranger de Parachutistes) during the battle for Dien Bien Phu. Depicted are paras conducting a recconaissance in force out of the valley towards the village of Ban Huoi Phuc in January 1954.
  6. Hi Bernhard, We have looked everywhere here in Great Britain for a MAS 36 CR 39 folding stock rifle but sadly they are just not available. I keep looking though... I am slowly increasing my collection of French weapons. Other than the MAS 36 CR 39 the only MAS variant I do not have is the MAS 49 semi-automatic rifle, which is similarly rare here. Thank you for your comments. I will post a series of photos we took as the 1er BEP at Dien Bien Phu in a day or so. Regards Mark
  7. The following photos are from a reenactment of the French 3rd Colonial Parachute Regiment (3e Regiment Parachutiste Coloniaux) during the Algerian war. Depicted are paras conducting a search and destroy mission to find an ALN arms cache in the wilderness of Kabylia during the winter months of December 1955 to March 1956.
  8. Bernhard, Thank you for the information and advice, it is very much appreciated. I will post some more of the photoshoots here in the next few days. Regards Mark
  9. Yes, I agree with Hugh, an excellent and illuminating account of something little covered in the English language. Mark Allen
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