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  1. the first model has a smaler black stripe on the ribon also
  2. the star or palm doesn't have a meaning, it's a fantasy or filling up the gap by the maker of the medal. the left one is older.
  3. It's for the men who served on the Easternfront with the Russians against the Germans. They had armored cars with machineguns the so caled "autocanons". when the revolution in 1917 broke out, they had to leave the country trough whole russia, over America and so back to the front in Belgium in 1918!
  4. That book was published when collecting medals was becomming popular. I only have seen them in the small version on periodical pictures. Can someone show me a picture before 1940 where it's being worn in the modern way: with a large medal or cross? I'm very interested.
  5. the chaplains cross has a wrong ribbon it needs to be Y Bk R Bk Y.
  6. I ment the ribbon, If you want to buy a replacement ribbon and roset for your specimen. I mean that it will cost you more then one euro. For American and English medals the price of a replacement ribbon is cheap becouse the demand is high. For a knight of the Leopold order it is ok, but the roset is more difficult. It has been a wile since i went to a medal company to ask for a replacement ribbon so I can't say how much it can cost. maybee there is someone else here who can help you out? If you want that off course.
  7. Then you have an officer or 4th grade and it should have a ribbon with a roset on it. the problem is that they aren't cheap even in Belgium. Olivier
  8. Another thing Alex, is your order a knight (silvered) or an officer (gilded). I can't make that up from your pictures as it is possible that the metal is starting to oxidise and give a gold/bronze kind uf shine. If it is an officer there should also be a roset on the ribbon.
  9. My first reaction was the same: the order is wrong and the lower grade medal shouldn't be there. But, this is a group that is displayed and shouldn't it theirfore not be complete and have all the persons medals in it? If I should have a complete group and would display it in a frame I would place it in a portable way like it should be and under the bar the rest of his medals (the lower grade medals that should be left home during a taptoo) Olivier
  10. I must add that that lanyard on the cross is fantasy! Is was never worn like that. It was worn on a ribbonbar only. You see them sometimes and only by sellers who want to pimp their medals.
  11. I've also a little group. I think that two groups where merged in the last 90 years, but it's a nice one.
  12. The ribbon with two gilded stripes was awarded to those who had shown extraordinary warservices. The same, but with a gilded star (with 5 points) was awarded to those who where mentioned to the "order van den dag" (dayorder?). Is was bestowed in 1919 and in 1946.
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