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  1. Don't recognise these dark uniforms, look like Italian dyed dark. Local village home guard unit ?
  2. The Albanians also had four battalions of militia, not entirely sure if these photos show them, but as some have military uniforms such as the officers and other in Yugoslav uniforms with collar patches. Kosovo regiment perhaps ? Which was formed after the Italian armistice by the Germans.
  3. Great photos Zaim, i didn't expect to see the double headed eagle badge, thought only the helmet badge was used. Any idea if the Albanian army at this time used the older pre 1939 collar patch colours ? Green for infantry, scarlet for general officers / staff officers. The enclosed photo is from a film of a ceremony (perhaps the same one ) found at the Bundes Archiv by Albanian historian Dr Marenglen Kasmi. Ken.
  4. Hi Zaim, thanks for starting the new topic, i've found a few photos which i will post. Ken.
  5. Are there any photos of General Pervizi when he defected to the British accompanied with a sizeable group of Albanian army soldiers ? Would be interested in any photos showing the Albanian army in their Italian uniforms and reintroduced Albanian rank insignia. The seated officer in the second photo wearing Italian uniforms and Albanian shoulder boards is General Pervizi.
  6. What insignia was used on the sidecaps of the Vlach Roman legion ? Red double ???. Can't make out what it is from this blog reply.
  7. The pre war arm of service colours were scarlet for generals and staff , crimson for royal guard, green for infantry, dark blue for artillery and violet for engineers. Officers had dark green cap bands on the peaked caps and dark blue upper parts of tunic collars. The collar patches in the first 2 photos look quite pale, perhaps a lighter green shade. The seated officer in the last photo in pale grey uniform has collar patches of a similar shade to the cap band, also some of the soldiers have similar darker patches. I think these could be green. I would have assumed th
  8. Do these Royal Nepalese army soldiers (training in India 1943-44 before deployment at Kohima) wear the Indian olive green battledress blouse or British artex lightweight jacket ? Would they also be issued with 1937 webbing or earlier 1908 and bandoliers ?
  9. Does this photo of a 1920s Sarawak policeman wear a type of British canvas bandolier or a locally made one ?
  10. Does anyone have a copy or access to "New Zealand army uniforms and clothing 1910-1945" by Barry O'Sullivan ?
  11. Are there any photos of the Belorussian railway protection/ guard battalion 1942-44 ?
  12. Any photos of the 3 Macedonian IMRO battalions in their Italian style uniforms 1943-45 ?
  13. Hello paja and Bayern , thanks for replying to my query , the photo link and uniform information is much appreciated.
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