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  1. Do these Royal Nepalese army soldiers (training in India 1943-44 before deployment at Kohima) wear the Indian olive green battledress blouse or British artex lightweight jacket ? Would they also be issued with 1937 webbing or earlier 1908 and bandoliers ?
  2. Does this photo of a 1920s Sarawak policeman wear a type of British canvas bandolier or a locally made one ?
  3. Does anyone have a copy or access to "New Zealand army uniforms and clothing 1910-1945" by Barry O'Sullivan ?
  4. Are there any photos of the Belorussian railway protection/ guard battalion 1942-44 ?
  5. Any photos of the 3 Macedonian IMRO battalions in their Italian style uniforms 1943-45 ?
  6. Hello paja and Bayern , thanks for replying to my query , the photo link and uniform information is much appreciated.
  7. Any photos of members of the Cook islands local defence force, which was set up in 1941 ?
  8. The smaller sized police for the cities and urban areas. I know the much larger gendarmerie had red collar patches and uniform braid.
  9. Is there a colour version of the black and white rank chart ?
  10. Any photos of the Yugoslav police 1930s or information of uniform colour ?
  11. Anyone know what colour the songkok hat of the Sarawak constabulary 1932-41 was ? It's either black like most of the various Malay police or a dark / navy blue.
  12. Anyone know what colour the uniform and collar patches were 1930s ?
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