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  1. Very nice but not as rare as you might think. Can be made to order in Europe.
  2. They are absolutely gorgeous and that collector is an expert on so much but very private and I think will donate most to the US National Archives.........its a treat to see all that has been acquired......and apparently some of those historical officers actually wore some of the pieces......... "fantasy junk". ....lol..............gems and treasures indeed to those who are in the know and have done their homework! I wish my collection was filled with it!
  3. Yes, these USAF ranks are test prototypes. I met the fabulous collector who has a virtual warehouse of incredible insignia, actually from around the world, and tons from the USA that were made and placed under consideration by the Uniform Boards of the US military departments. This person was on the inside and had unbelievable access to these things. Many of them dont have listings on the references or charts, but the saying that the map is not the territory is quite true and this is the case here. In fact, if I remember correctly, there must have been a half dozen more styles of these USA
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