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  1. Thank you Andreas, This brooch / badge ??? was in an old and "big" french collect connected with the Great War and sold with kriegerehrenzeichen in eisen from Hesse in an auction (two items sold as regimental insignia...). It's the reason why I search to know what is this badge... Regards
  2. Hi, As said in the title of the topic, I search informations relating to this (german?) badge ? Thank you... Marne14
  3. Hello, I have listed some of these medals on my website (look at this page http://www.medailles1914-1918.fr/etats-unis-medai.html) Regards Pierre-Yves
  4. hello, I will bring some clarification on the classification Unofficial type 1 for the medal presented on my website... After buying the Laslo's book (first edition) at the end of the 80's, I wrote to Butuller firm from Lisbon and bought 3 victory medals (this is one of them which is pictured on my website) before the buildings were destroyed by fire. Even if it's different (mainly wire loop suspension) from that presented by Laslo as Butuller replacement medal / unofficial type 1, it's really a Butuller production and so, I classified this medal as Laslo. This means that Butuller firm sold several productions of this medal with some differences... Butuller firm has manufactured all medals that sold in the 80's? I don't know. Cheers Marne
  5. Hello Gongz, If you have the list of New-Zealanders who received this WWI medal, I can search the detail of awards... Regards Marne
  6. Hi, I think that's this medal as you can see on the page of my website relating to WWI medals... http://www.medailles1914-1918.fr/france-reconnais.html Regards
  7. Hi David, I'm sorry, but the Riemer Belgian is common... Regards Pierre-Yves
  8. Hi, As said by johnnymac (but without link?), I think also this lot was more interesting... Regards
  9. Hi, It's easier to go to to the source on my website... http://www.medailles1914-1918.fr/chineaccueilmeda.html Find a ribbon for this medal is almost impossible... Cheers
  10. Hello, I take the liberty to add my website relating to Great War medals... http://www.medailles1914-1918.fr/ Regards
  11. Hi, Yes, it's the veteran's cross with blue ribbon... I have 2 of these medals with 2 maker's marks and some differences in the manufacturing. Regards Pierre-Yves
  12. Hi, As you can read the subject of this new topic, I have two of these medals and certificate but I can't find any information: official or unofficial? Association? If a collector can help me... Thank you and regards Pierre-Yves
  13. Hi Jim, Many many thanks for the scan of this catalog!!! Could you provide me a scan (200 dpi) of these 2 pages for my website? It's a great information for french medals, even unofficial, manufactured in USA... For the price of the group, for me it's too expensive, especially as winner probably bought the lot for US Victory... Besides, hello to Rob! Regards Pierre-Yves
  14. Hi, This group of three medals consists of US Victory (with an absurd combination of clasps, therefore without interest...) but with an interesting French WWI medal made in USA (you can go to my website for informations http://www.medailles1914-1918.fr/france-commemora.html) and a FIDAC medal (I think also of US manufacture). Regards Pierre-Yves
  15. Hi, The most interesting medal of this lot was the French WWI medal, because it was an US manufacture... Regards Pierre-Yves
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