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  1. Vielleicht noch anzumerken: bei den Kraftfahrer-Vereinen waren nicht nur Kraftfahrer organisiert, sondern im Prinzip konnte dort jeder Mitglied werden, der zu den Verkehrstruppen zählte, also bspw. auch Angehörige der Kampfwagentruppe. Übrigens: habe in meiner DB nachgesehen: kein Meißner.
  2. It is supposed that this one was made by a jeweller, because the Badge Looks like the one from the Award document.
  3. As far as I remember it was Larsen himself, who mentioned in 1935 that Maybe 120 were awarded. Later I read around 100 and it is stuck at 99.
  4. Hello Deruelle! Thank you. I was aware of this book, but …. my Hindi ist better than my French. Are there any pics or informations about the Kampfwagenabzeichen?
  5. Puh … I have to search my database, but as far as I remember, I haven't saved the Pictures, because in fact it was a typical US-fake from the 1970s with an AWS marking. You can find those with different markings from nearly every manufacturer.
  6. Hmm …. I've never seen an AWS from that time. Also I have never seen a badge that could be an original with AWS markings. But I have seen a fake with AWS marking in the past. I am still looking for Juncker and Godet catalogues from that period.
  7. @dond: I am happy about every Information about the badge - wether it is about an original or a fake. Usually I should be aware about every thread regarding the Kampfwagenabzeichen in each of this Forum (because I am a member): SDA - Sammlergemeinschaft Deutscher Auszeichnungen, GMIC, Landships Forum, MFF - Militaria Fundforum, Wehrmachts Awards, Feldgrau Forum. My main forums are the SDA and the Landships Forum, which I use to visit on a daily basis. All others I visit every 6 to 12 months and then I search for KWA-related threads. But sometimes I miss one - like the one you ma
  8. Thank you for sharing the 2nd pictures. Also a good one. So sad that you don't any measures nor weight. About the "myth": we will see in the future how it turns out.
  9. Thank you for sharing the pictures. It Looks good so far. Do you have any measures or weight?
  10. Thats right so far, but they could receive it as well, when they attended only 1 combat as a tank crew member, but showed some kind of bravery. By the way, the Badge was NOT awarded, only the certificate was handed out. The Badge had to be bought by the awarded man himself. There is no reliable source about the number 99 so far. But it is allways said around 100.
  11. @DonD: would you please be so kind and show us the back of the badge? I know … a little bit late. Thank you
  12. @Spolei: nice bar, but .... wrong medal on 5th place. This is not the ribbon for a Police Service medal. It should look like that ....
  13. If the China-Medal is not made of Steel (it seems to be Bronze), than it is a combatant bar. Sorry, but still a great bar.
  14. @dante: could youi please be so kind and show us the back of the Kampfwagenabzeichen? @bolewts58: It is not the badge of the Fliegerabteilung. It was awarded with certificate to the liberators of Munich 1919. It is a rare badge, but there were more than a few awarded. cuffband with skull of Kampfwagenabteilungen (KoKampf) - luxury version officer same from a NCO tank driver
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