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  1. Blue on white Maschinenmaat insignia on the grey/green work shirt. Two of the crew are wearing Linienschiff Schlesien cap talleys. Cheers, Larry
  2. Thanks Odulf. There are three photos in the series and two have a better view of the Kapitan zur See's face. Maybe someone knows who he is.
  3. Another photo showing canvas gaiters in wear. Cheers, Larry Nice photo, thanks for sharing.🙂 Küsten-Artillerie. I agree, most likely a watch or stop-watch. Here is a photo of a whistle cord tucked into the breast pocket.
  4. It is a cord which is attached to the button on his top left pocket and runs down inside the bottom left pocket. a cord attached to a whistle perhaps.
  5. Hi, The photo is in an album which belonged to a crewman who served aboard M132 (1 Minensuchflottille). As there are many photos of the 1 Minensuchflottille 1 cap tally in wear I would say they were taken pre -1939. He served some time aboard the harbor vessel v.St. Hieckmann, Memel as well. The album contains postcards of Minensuchflottille Pillau, Pillau Harbor, Marineschule Flensburg, Torpedoschule Flensberg-Mürwik. Is it possible that the parade photo was taken at one of those locations? Cheers, Larry
  6. Hi, I'm afraid it happens in all threads and forums. You have thousands of members, thousands of looks at threads, a few who comment and a few who contribute. The few who contribute keep the threads alive otherwise they would die. Cheers, Larry
  7. My pleasure. Here is another contribution. Kriegsmarinedienstelle Stettin tally. This is from a small photo lot of a reunion of WW1 ex-U-Boat crew. The ceremony was held aboard U-43. Cheers, Larry Another from the series. Unterseebootflottille Hundius tallys and one Marineschule Wesermunde tally.
  8. Nice photos gentlemen. Here is a new addition to my collection. Torpedoschule.
  9. Thanks for your input and I totally agree that more research is needed on the yellow on feldgrey laufbahnabzeichen. Photos of these in wear would be nice but I haven't seen any. The only reference material I have about the yellow on grey patches is Angolia & Schlicht's Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms & Traditions vol. 3, pages 36-38. Cheers, Larry
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