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  1. Dear friends, I rediscovered this passport from 19 Sep 1940 in my collection, issued to Kurt Schneider from Saarbrücken (DOB 5-12-1912), who is nicely displayed in his uniform on the passport picture. The passport has visas from Hungary (Jan 1941), Romania (Oct 1940) and Spain (Jan? 1941). Is there any chance to find out more about him? Page four has an interesting handwritten entry "This official trip is on order of the Reich government". See pictures. Any help would be much appreciated. Best regards, Tom.
  2. Yes, I saw his signature online on different documents and noted they are different. So maybe it's not him... Thank you.
  3. Do you read as well "von Tippelskirch"? http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/T/TippelskirchKv.htm
  4. ColinRF, maybe this article about CARL SZOKOLL might be interesting for you. I got his post war Austrian passport recently into my collection. The 2nd of a July 20 plot member! http://www.passport-collector.com/passport-carl-szokoll-stauffenberg-valkyrie-20-july-plot/
  5. Hallo, ich habe meine Kaiserreichsammlung fast komplett und suche insbesondere noch folgende Reisepässe Oldenburg Sachsen-Altenburg Lippe Reuss (Jüngere Linie) Schaumburg-Lippe Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Waldeck-Pyrmont Für die o.g. Reisepässe zahle ich TOP-PREISE! Andere Reisepässe bitte gerne anbieten. passportcollector@gmail.com
  6. CANADIAN RAILWAY TROOPERS - Discharge Book 1902 / Military Book 1918 FOR SALE are these two books. I'm not a military collector but a passport collector! Interesting is the entry in the Seamen Discharge book " TATTOO or other Distinguishing Marks" ! The book is from 1902 and mention TATTOO which I find remarkable. Frederick Stanley Dyke, born 1881 in Croydon was later Captain at the Canadian Railway Troops in 1918 (before Lieutenant in 1916) according his Military book. The book includes a personal handwritten evaluation of his commanding officer. See pictures. I posted wrongly in the old category! http://gmic.co.uk/topic/67246-canadian-railway-troopers-discharge-book-1902-military-book-1918/#comment-628470 Just contact me if interested - passportcollector@gmail.com
  7. Aircraft carrier / Flugzeugträger GRAF ZEPPELIN I do own a technical binder from the "High Command of the Navy" about the ONLY German Aircraft Carrier ever - "GRAF ZEPPELIN" The binder has 65 pages, partly with large folded pages. Main topic are the weight of ammunition, weapons, air crafts etc. Documents are dated 1938-1943, when the aircraft carrier was finished by 85%. By my best knowledge and research there was NEVER EVER such original documents on the collectors market. A TRUE TREASURE! Acquired from a long-time German naval collector. The binder cover has some water (?) spots as you can see while it’s content is well preserved and everything is well readable. I'm a long time collector and guarantee for the authenticity! Some pictures attached. If you are interested please contact me.
  8. Bob keep them safe as they very hard to find! Thanks for sharing. Regards, Tom
  9. Bob they are pretty rare passports! Congratulations! Do you have passports for swap/sale? Best Tom
  10. Brian do you have his documents? Can you provide pictures of his passport(s)? Best regards Tom Topol Expert In Passports And Their History, Passport Collector & Editor www.passport-collector.com, passportcollector@gmail.com The ONLY website for historical travel documents News & Collectibles direct into your email box? Click here! Member of Ephemera Society of America & Ephemera Society of United Kingdom
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