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  1. Maybe someone have correct actual industrial drawings or something like that? And what materials to use? Dimensions, diameters etc. Hope this is not state secret info... 🤔
  2. Artur Sirk (L) in Kuperjanov battalion. ca 1923/4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artur_Sirk
  3. Source: https://www.digar.ee/viewer/et/nlib-digar:386551/332332
  4. About Kuperjanov and Sakalas (on my avatar too) Partisan Battalion emblems.
  5. Online book: Estonian Defence Forces 100 : Symbols of the units of Estonian Defence Forces 1918-2018 https://www.digar.ee/viewer/et/nlib-digar:386551/332331/
  6. 10. V was every year celebrated as Meeting of Cavallers of Cross of Liberty. 1934 was 15th anniversary of Cross of Liberty. Parade: Btw! Nice cup!
  7. I'm not specialist, but i know they have made copies in Poland. This can be copy as well. It seems little bit weird to me... But as i mentioned earlier - i'm not the expert!
  8. Memento Mori https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memento_mori Crosses, mostly Orthodox (i'm too orthodox) have too skull & bones in the bottom. It means Golgata or (symbolicat Adam) Skull Hill where Jesus was crucified.
  9. Very nice! Here are (old!) Estonian Kuperjanov Batallion cuff with skull: And in collar: Kuperjanow's bust: Sport dress: Modern Kup. dog tag: First commander after restauration Bat. gen. Johannes Kert 1992: But here are British Submarine famoust "protest" skull-flag. PS! These hats are not mine. Found it from from other forum. It show nicely how skull similar to SS-skull is not SS-skull but... similar. There are many fools who still sees that behind any skull there must be ss and nazis. But hell no!
  10. All main Estonian Defence Forces medals: http://www.mil.ee/et/kaitsevagi/kaitsevae-symboolika/kaitsevae-teenetemargid
  11. German Luftwaffe in Estonia Ämari air base. Air Policing. Nitice skull & bones (or wrenches) emblem.
  12. This is actually Distinguished Service Decoration of the Estonian Defence Forces. All EDF awarsda are shown here http://www.mil.ee/et/kaitsevagi/kaitsevae-symboolika/kaitsevae-teenetemargid Estonian Military Awards & Decorations, 1918 - 1940 http://www.estmedals.com/ Some unofficial stuff. This is UKR Unin of Estonian Cossacs medal.
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