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  1. Thanks, i have been doing some work and as you suggest I think he was in Irland at the time. I have read some items on the net about them as a unit but not him as an individual. So am looking forward to anything anyone can come up with.
  2. I bought a group of medals some years ago to a Trooper/ Sergeant, Churchill, 2nd King Edwards Horse. One medal which is a private medal I think from the Regiment as the ribbon colours are the same as regimental colours. The medal shows an angel on one side and the other says for courage in the field in Irland. I have tried to find out what he may have done as the main actions that I can find relate to the easter risings in Dublin around the post office. can anyone help to cast any light on what he may have been involved in.
  3. I have a group of medals to a Trooper Churchill of the 2nd King Edwards Horse, one of the medals is a privatly awarded medal, which I assume is from the Regiment as the ribbon is their colours. The inscription on the medals reads for bravery in the Field in Irland the other 2 medals are the war and Victory medals to Sgt. Churchill. I have been able with some help from a friend to possibly put him in Dublin during the Easter Rising but can find no real mention of his name. Can anyone help with any information please.
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