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  1. Yes I agree. It was probably managed by the police , Security Services is more leaning towards MI5 etc. Have you read the book “ Policing EOKA “ quite a good read. I will dig it out and see if it mentions the Prison Service
  2. I would have thought the Prison Warders would have been administered by the security services Regarding the medal the naming on the medal should show a prison service number ,rank WDR initial and Name. Nothing else. other scarce ranks on GSM Cyprus . CSC ( Cyprus Special Constabulary ) PS for Police Sergeant usually used for the British Civil Police sent from the UK to assist in the troubles. I have seen medals with a four digit number Rank initials and Surname and nothing else We will have to wait until the rolls become available then we might get an idea where a p
  3. Very interesting all round, good to see these examples of later productions
  4. Hello. There is a PS 2089 DJ Murray on the Liverpool City list ,thats the only one listed ,no Phillips either. Do you have any other information about her. It may well be that she is listed elsewhere Regards Max
  5. Sent you an email Michel. It is CLP01 who contributed to this thread that you need to speak to Best regards Max
  6. Thanks Dave. I sent a message to the Police Museum in Nicosia ,will keep you informed of any response,the Nat Archives would no doubt be the place to look. Best Regards Max
  7. Thanks Dave. Do you think the records of these officers will be held with the cyprus police authorities now ,ifThey have survived at all. Thanks Max
  8. Heres another Cyprus Police question , I saw a GSM clasp Cyprus awarded to 6119 CSC ( cyprus special constable ) D.Hunter. So the naming is 6119 CSC D Hunter. Was it the British government who administered Special Constables, as he has a European name its fair to say that he was a resident and volunteered as a Spec Constable ? Or would he have been under the Cypriot Police control. Thanks for reading this
  9. I have been attempting to find out how 22287531 Pte William Faulds Mcauley REME died. His date of death was 29th May 1954 He is buried in Singapore . I have checked the armed forces memorial and he is on there , this might indicate that he died as a result of enemy action rather than illness
  10. There seems to be lots of 1000 series numbers in the Palestine Police , I wonder if theres a connection
  11. The Cyprus medal roll would be the answer but as we know thats not available , very good info on the Cyprus govt gazettes , will have a look
  12. Thanks for advice, I bought the policing EOKA book from Cowleys company ,heres some info I got from a collector, there is nobody of the surname 'Dixon' in the book, and it covers all the UK county force members, I know its a fairly common name, but not one at all in the roll, which covers a four year period! There is also nobody in the Police / Prisons in the 1959 Cyprus Staff List either. I suspect this only leaves a couple of options, Colonial Police, which differs from UK Police Unit or possibly Base Unit Police, i.e Army / RAF etc. I don't think Prisons, the rank is wrong, they used W
  13. Thanks Dave ,that was my thought that he was a British Police Officer ,what kind of forced me too look elsewhere was that he is not in the roll compiled in the book "Policing EOKA" by Richard Cowley. Admittedly not all rolls are complete and I might be barking up the wrong tree M
  14. Apart from British based Police does anyone know if Colonial Police assisted in the EOKA conflict. I bought a General Service Medal bar Cyprus recently to 1011 Sgt H Dixon and hope to find out where his home unit was. He is not a member of HM Forces ,hence the search of police officers The details on the medal are 1011 Sgt H Dixon , I am told that he wasnt prison service so that leaves the possibility of him being a colonial policeman Thanks for reading this
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