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  1. Gentlemen: thank you so much for your help thus far. To answer Mervyn Mitton's query, I don't have enough informatioin to make my story feel 'real' yet, although I'm writing some of the characters and event sequences. So I'm just collecting information about the military in Delhi in the time period I've selected, around 1879 upwards. I will be visiting Delhi for 2 months from 7th January. If anyone would like me to video a particular place, museum, or street etc, please notify the details here and if I can include it I will and then I'll post it on YT with the URL here.
  2. Please, does anyone know, or know where to look for information about the army in Delhi between about 1879 and 1890? I need to know what their unifroms looked like, what the officers carried as sidearms or handguns, how the regiment was organized, what they ate, and perhaps the name of one or two of the commanding offciers. I desperately need to know the names of a few of the regiments statione dat Delhi duiring this period. All and any anecdotal material would be very useful to me. I need to know the Indian name for the various ranks, like I vaguely recall being told that 'havildar' means ser
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