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  1. Hello Rob, the first group with the enamel ribbon is from an officer. Each star on the long services medal represent 5 years for an officer. The medal in the enamel bar are ; 1. military merit blue 2. long service medal with 4 stars 3 /4/5 batista coup d Etat 1933 6. Army rifle competition the second group is for a non officer (grade from soldier to sergeant). Each ´ V’´ is 4 years of services.
  2. 6. Coronel 7. soldier ? 8. Comandante posterior issue than number 1
  3. Dear, Some pictures of Army epaulets from the Republic of Cuba. These epaulets are pre - 1959 (General Fulgencio Batista period). 1. Commandante. 2. capitan 3. Subteniente 4. Segundo teniente 5. teniente coronel
  4. Police captain grade and police merit order for 10 years services.
  5. Hello , Some pictures of police items from the Fulgencio Batista period. the first badge are for the acrobatic team of the police. Very rare.
  6. dear all, Police cap used in cuba by the police in cuba before the revolution. yann
  7. Dear friend , here attached a very nice buckles from the Fulgencio Batista Army ! kind regards Yann
  8. Dear member, A Very nice first class bicolor blue / white breast star
  9. Dear all, hereafter a president Batista period badge.
  10. Dear Antonio, Do you have pictures of order with Cuban maker ‘s plaque? For the republic period I forget Gumersindo Suares from Habana.
  11. Dear Friend, The purpose of this topic is to created a list of the cuban order and medal maker during the period of the spanish colony and the Cuban Republic until 1959. During the colonial period some Spanish order (militaty merit, Maria Cristina, Hermeneguildo) were made in Cuba or sold with a cuban maker's plaque on the back. For the colonial period I have listed the following manufacturers from Cuba : A. Ramentol. Located # 29 street O’Reilly esquina in Habana. Pereda. Located #15 Muralla street in Habana. Per
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