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  1. Dear all, hereafter a president Batista period badge.
  2. Dear Antonio, Do you have pictures of order with Cuban maker ‘s plaque? For the republic period I forget Gumersindo Suares from Habana.
  3. Dear Friend, The purpose of this topic is to created a list of the cuban order and medal maker during the period of the spanish colony and the Cuban Republic until 1959. During the colonial period some Spanish order (militaty merit, Maria Cristina, Hermeneguildo) were made in Cuba or sold with a cuban maker's plaque on the back. For the colonial period I have listed the following manufacturers from Cuba : A. Ramentol. Located # 29 street O’Reilly esquina in Habana. Pereda. Located #15 Muralla street in Habana. Perdeda y Hermano. Located #15 Muralla street in Habana. Vicente Revuelta. Located #91 Obispo street in Habana. B. Gutierrez. Located #24 Teniente Rey Street in Habana. B. Gutierrez y Hermano. Located #24 or 42 Teniente Rey Street in Habana. J. Ardanin. Located #96 Obispo street in Habana Carlos Cabello. Located in Habana Maximino Perez. Located #18 Teniente Rey Street in Habana. Regarding the Republic period the well know maker were: Freeman #2 Mercaderes street in Habana Pedro Colomar #4 Chacon street in Habana or #20 Perfecto Lacoste street Fuentes &Alvarez #162 Neptuno street Habana Vilardebo y Riera #53 Dragones Street in Habana. The name was changed in Antigua Vilardebo y Riera near 1937. Dator located in Habana Fosse Located in Habana Joyeria Bared #503 Aguila Habana Please feel free to complete this list and add pictures. It would be great to have a full knowledge of all the Cuban jewele/ Manufacturer. MAKER'S PLAQUE ON THE BACK
  4. Dear Member, Here after the set of diplomas of Navy Captain Marcos Gonzales Casanova for the period march1952 to november 1957 . Batista Ran for president in 1952 after a successful coup the 11st march 1952. Marcos Gonzales Casanova received his first promotion as ''Teniente de Navio'' the 15 of March 1952 , only 3 days after the second Batista's revolution. The diploma is signed by Fulgencio Batista himself. He received a second promotion as Captain the 26 of november 1957. I attach also 3 diplomas of the 3rd class Naval Merit with white, Blue and white and blue distinction.
  5. Yes ! I can publish other next week. All the best
  6. The Cuban order of the military merit was established in 1912 for the presidential decree dated 24/2/1912 and awarded until 1958. Initially the order was created with two class - White enamel for distinguish services and red enamel for war services. In 1919 was created the blue distinction for long and good services. In 1924 was created the green distinction (for 30 years services) and red and white distinction (for capture of outlaws and heroic action). In 1951 the purple distinction was created (for 40 years services). Following some diplomas of the Military merit (MM) from the period 1929 to 1956. 1. Green Breast star diploma from 1929 2. blue 3rd class from 1941 3. Red/white 3rd class from 1942 4. blue 3rd class from 1946 5. Red/white 2rd class from 1947 6. Green 3rd class from 1947 7. blue 3rd class from 1950 8. second class red 1953 for navy captain 9. 3rd class Purple 1956.
  7. Hello Enzo, i collect Cuba since 20 years and I have never seen this medal before ! It is a great order. In any moment the Cuban government created special award for special merit for example for the Cuban general Maceo was created a special and unique gold medal. For some friend of the Cuban nation the government created some special awards. It is probably a special award. All the best Yannick /it is also an unknown official badge
  8. The 10th of November 1915 was founded the Sociedad cubana de derecho international (Cuban institute of international law) by several well know Cuban lawyers (Manuel Sanguily, Rafael Montoro, Antonio S. de Bustamante, Fernando Ortiz ………….). The main purpose of the institute was to defend and develop the principle of the international law in Cuba and in Latin America. The institute collaborated in several publication with the American institute of International law of Washington. Hereafter a link explaining more about the institute in Spanish http://www.filosofia.org/hem/dep/cuc/n049p027.htm During the period between 1930 until 1936, the Sociedad cubana de derecho international distribute commander cross made by Vilardebo and Riera Habana. The commander cross is also called in Cuba order of the Justice.
  9. Collar of the order of Céspedes in Gold owned by general Fulgéncio Batista. Made by Vilardebo y Riera.
  10. Hello ! I am interested to buy or exchange any order from Cuba for the period before 1959 revolution.  

    Fell free to contact me 

    best regards 


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      My mail is ykantor@pt.lu

  11. Dear Ulsterman, The orden was given from May 1956 until December 1958. Please note that Fulgencio Batista gouvernement loose the control of a big part of the island in June 1958 and I am not really sure that this order was awarded after June 1958 due to the political situation of the Island. Best regards, Dear, sorry for the late answear. I didn’t see your PM before this day. It will a good idea for 2019. Let me work on it. Best regards Yannick Thank you
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