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  1. Ah yes Dave sorry, I also did not see the d.R. sorry. Yes me too, I was looking for WWII items and found this. In the auction it was described as "Six Assorted Military Pins". When I called the auction to make payment they referred to it as " the French Medals". Tiny town in the central US.
  2. Thank you Dave, some of those men i found in the 1924 Ranklist as well. Elbenstein is only listed as having the SA3bX in 1924. I appreciate your time. I mostly do reasearch or WWII Heer officers and do not have more than the basic books for Imperial research and the Honor rank list. The bar is already in a case and I do not want to take it out. I can post the horrible images from the auction when it was sold showing the rear. Lucky it was not more damaged. Probably had kids playing with it etc.
  3. Thank you, I was "afraid" of that. I still of course appreciate the bar and it is a wonderful example but it would of course been nice to tie it to an individual. Based on what the auctioneer told me, it was brought back after WWII by an American officer. The auction I bought it in sold part of his estate and there were WWII US Army items and officers uniforms but this was the only WWI item which supports what i was told.
  4. Picked this up and managed to put it back together in good order (first image) from the horrible way it had been sold in an auction (second image). I looked in the 1924 Army Rangliste and could not find matches with these awards and the Prussian Military Merit Award. Are there any other sources to try and identify the wearer. Thank you!
  5. Can someone please post the correct title for the WWII era Dienstalterslist for Heer Officials. I have seen it referred to in several different ways but would like to know the actual full title. I think a couple years ago Glenn J. posted an image of the cover but I could not relocate that thread. Thank you, John
  6. Hi Glenn, JHodgson here. You helped me in the past with rank lists. Could you email me please- phaseonearchaeology@gmail.com

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