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  1. …for persons, who didn’t anticipate in any battles and for persons, who stayed in area, declared as war area- right? BR, Chris
  2. Gents, Does anybody know the award criteria of the Russian China Commemorative Medal for the so-called Boxer Uprising 1900? I understand, that there are two versions- silver (for combatants) and bronze for non-combatants. Background is attached (German) medal bar- the German China Commemorative Medal is for combatants, while the Russian version is for Non-combatants- how does this accompany? BR, Chris
  3. Meanwhile, I could solve this point. First signature is related to Sir Henry Francis Oliver, Director of Naval Intelligence, the second one is from Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee as Chief of War Department of the British Admirality. BR Chris
  4. Thanks Nick! I was hoping to find more about him, especially a photos. BR, Chris
  5. Gents, Is there any information (e.g. picture) of 佐久間八郎 / Sakuma Hachirô? As far as I know, he was Lt.-Commander (engineer) and got the Crown Prince's Voyage to Korea Commemorative Medal (s. photo below). Another question would be- why did he got this medal? BR, Chris
  6. No ideas? 😢 Or maybe any ideas, whom I could ask / contact about the names? BR, Chris
  7. Dear all, I’m currently evaluating several documents from the Archive of the British Foreign Office for my PhD. Two signature and the abbreviation are causing some headache to me, because I cannot read/understand them. Any ideas? a) [XX]. Oliver [?], D.I.D. 6.8.14 ? b) A C D [XXX] C. O S. [Chief of Staff?] 7/8/14 ? FYI- these two documents related to an information exchange regarding the Japanese assistance to the British Government during the war in Tsingtao. Thanks for your help and br, Chris
  8. I would agree- naval related. But a medical? I am missing any Red Cross related items. But how about a Paymaster, naval official, Feuerwerker...? The problem is, that thiis medal bar has nothing unique, which would allow me to track it... BR, Chris
  9. Claudio, Hm, that could be an explanation. Any clasp on a Red Cross medal wouldn't fit due to the Red Cross medal itself. BR, Chris
  10. Gents, Let me allow to share my little piece of a non-combat frack bar. I'm wondering if there will be any identification possible...? BR, Chris
  11. Gents, Here is my little contribution. What puzzle's me, is the (possible) missing battle clasp above the Red Cross medal (see holes there). Hope you like it? BR, Chris
  12. Chinese Order of the Double Dragon. Interesting combination, which puzzle me, 'cause I thought this class of the Chinese order is for higher ranking. Beside this, no long service decoration, no further awards... BR, Chris
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