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    Always looking for Imperial German medal bars, related to the former colonies!

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  1. Gents, I came across this ottoman tally, which I would identify as tally for the Midilli ex Imperial German Breslau. Maybe somebody confirm the wonderful calligraphy? Beside this, I’d like to know the purpose of this tally. Based on this ornamental “art”, it seems like this is not an official tally, but only given (sold?) as sweetheart tally or souvenir? Does anybody have further information about these kind of tallies? Thanks and br, Chris
  2. Thanks Nick! Fortunately, I got in touch with the Great-grandniece of this previous “owner”. According to her, her Great-granduncle was commanded on board of the SMS Prinzeß Wilhelm in China. Before he returned to Germany, he arranged some sweetheart tallies. His diary mentioned, that he asked his Chinese “Mafu” to “create” this tally. Later back in Germany, he bought a “Reservistenpaddel” (English?) and tied this tally to several others. Unfortunately, the “Paddel” was sold a couple of years ago and the former buyer untied this Chinese written tally. BR, Chris

    • WANTED

    Gents, I‘m always interested in Imperial German cap tallies. Would be happy to get any offers. Beside this, any connection to collector colleagues would be great, too. BR, Chris


  4. Maybe for the locals? Or maybe a Chinese ship, serving for the German Gouvernment? I agree with you, the writting looks terrible. But by own experience, I would say, this was written by a Chinese (not European, Chinese speaking/writting guy). My Japanese handwritting will be easily identified as "non-Japanese writter". I found attached picture (courtesy of Chris Dale, http://www.germancolonialuniforms.co.uk/). Looks terrible as well, isn't it? BR, Chris
  5. Now with this transcription I can see the kanji, thanks a lot mate! Maybe some Chinese sailors under German command? Such as Hilfsseeleute (compare to the Chinese Leasehold Police under German command)? I know this tally from a picture, but can‘t find it... BR, Chris
  6. Gents, This (probably) cap tally is puzzling me. Can anyone give me a translation (and confirmation, if it's really Chinese not Taiwanese)? Thanks and best regards, Chris
  7. Gents, Are there any serious collectors of Japanese Fire Department Badges (mixed areas / epoch)? I was asked by a friend for help clearing an estate of a huge collection (several hundreds item). Before considering an Auction House, I'd like to check with you guys here. Further information via pm please! BR, Chris
  8. Gensui

    Chinese Badge

    I would go with your idea, that this badge could be post ww2. Thanks for your help! BR, Chris
  9. Gensui

    Chinese Badge

    According to my friend, it's non-magnetic, tombak / nickel plated. BR, Chris
  10. Gensui

    Chinese Badge

    Thanks a lot anyhow! Could it be 亲爱精诚", as another member guessed? School motto of the famous Huangpu Military Academy in China? But the combination (HK music club) and any Military Academy doesn't make sense... BR, Chris
  11. Gensui

    Chinese Badge

    Gents, A friend asked me for my support for attached badge. Although I can read Japanese characters, I'm suffering in identifying this inscription. Based on my limited knowledge, I would assume that this badge could be kind of Sympathy Badge with respect to the Kuomintang (judging the design of the middle star). Could it be in relation to the Chinese Huangpu Military Academy / some Hongkong Association? I’d appreciate any feedback, which might help identify this badge. Thanks and br, Chris
  12. Thanks a lot, Gunner 1! I found the British Battles and Medals (7th edit) for a very fair price and ordered it.
  13. Gents, Any recommendation on British Campaign Medals? I only know following sources: British Campaign Medals 1815-1914 from Peter Ducker (2008) British & Empire Campaign Medals - Volume 1 & 2 from Stephen-Philip Perkins. Are these books worth it? Any other (recent) sources? Thanks and regards, Chris
  14. Gents, This one puzzles me- any ideas? Could it be oriental or asian nature? Sorry, there are no pictures from the inside. BR, Chris
  15. Hi Chris, my name is Tom Foster and I saw your post in the Japanese section on the Crown Prince Voyage to Korea medal. I just want to let you know that I'm very interested in this medal if you ever decide to sell it.

     Thank you very much for your consideration.


    1. Gensui


      Hello Tom!

      Thanks for your message. This medal was the final one in my collection of Japanese war- and commemorative medals. Now I have it all complete.

      Once I'm "fed-up" with, I'll keep your contact in mind.

      Best wishes from Germany,


    2. DRB 1643

      DRB 1643

      Chris, thank you very much for your reply and consideration.

      If you ever "get tired of it" please contact me.

      Thanks again,


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