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  1. Hi, I have medals to over 600 tank corps guys and may be able to provide some information on your man, if you still have him ? he was not commissioned TC until March 1918 so may just have seen action at Amiens. Geoffrey
  2. Lieutenant W H Stokes MBE DCM Gloucester Regiment (7th Battalion) Machine Gun Corps Order of the British Empire, Member, Military, 1st Type; Distinguished Conduct Medal (GV) (11359 Sjt 7/Glouc R); 1915/15 Star (Pte 7-11359); 1914/18 British War Medal & Victory Medal MID (2.Lieut); France, Medaille Militaire; Russia. Order of St Anne, Military, 3rd Class. (Gold Faberge) Award Citations MBE - London Gazette 03/02/1920 (Archangel, South Russia) DCM - London Gazette 02/02/1916 & 11/03/1916 (Gallipoli) "For conspicious gallantry on the 8th August 1915, at "Chunuk Bair". After the commander
  3. Lieutenant E Doole Army Service Corps & Tank Corps 1914 Star (Pte E Doole ASC) “5th August 22nd November 1914"; 1914/18 British War Medal & Victory Medal MID (Lieut); Russia, Order of St Anne, Military, 3rd Class (Gold); Russia, Order of Saintstanilas, Military, 3rd Class (Gold); France, Medaille Militaire; France, Croix de Guerre avec Palm, 1914-18. (i) Miniature matching set and ribbon bars; (ii) Letter from CinC North Russia, Archangel confirming award of St Anne. Research & Citations Russia St Anne/Stanislas North West Russia 1918/20
  4. Sergeant EC Savory Royal Naval Air Service & Machine Gun Corps 1914/15 Star (F 6224 EC Savory POM RNAS); 1914/18 British War Medal & Victory Medal MID (Sjt MGC); Russia, Cross of St George 4th Class “934699"; Russia, Medal of St George 4th Class “1032909" Research & Citations Anglo-Russian Armoured Cars, Locker-Lampson’s “Tsars” Squadron Russia St George Cross 4th Class - London Gazette 00/00/0000 St George Cross, 4th Class, No. 934,699, “During the battle of 19 November 1916 under heavy fire brought shells and petrol for the armoured car
  5. Alastair Norman Fraser was born at Duirinish, Rosshire on 10 March 1881, the son of Major-General C. A. D. Fraser. Educated at Blair Lodge and Edinburgh University, he qualified as a M.B. and Ch.B. in 1904. He served in the ranks of the Volunteer Medical Staff Corps during the Boer War. After qualification he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the R.A.M.C. in July 1904. Promoted a Captain in January 1908 and a Major in July 1915, he held the rank of Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel, July-October 1917 and Acting Lieutenant-Colonel, December 1918-February 1919. He was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in
  6. Reading a number of the threads on here concerning the Cross of St George 4th Class is enought to make one paranoid !! I bought this one as part of a British medal group back in 1996 from the Upfield-Brown collection. 1914/15 Trio plus St George Cross 4th Class and St George Medal 4th Class. He was with Locker Lampsons "Tzars Tank" Squadron.
  7. These were intended primarily as tank driver masks. Looking out of the front hatch was somewhat hazzardous !
  8. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, try this https://sites.google.com/site/landships/
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