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  1. Hello fellows, it seems that there are some problems to get into contact with me. Walter informed me about that topic here. As a matter of fact, some time ago I had huge problems with my email entries, but all this Problems according to my knowledge, had been claryfied. I only from time to time receive an Information, that for some reasons, an email couldn't be passed, but never with the infornation of the sender's address. But I receive every day numerous emails and I also answer them daily! Now for everyone my numerous contact Information as follows; michael.autengruber@t-online.de michael.autengruber@autengruber.de michael.autengruber@kuenker.de michael.autengruber@orden-der-welt.de experte@autengruber.de if all this doesn't work, use Service@kuenker.de with the indication "attn. Michael Autengruber" Important: I do not use facebook, what's up and other such media, as I just do not have the time to follow them! For the same reason I do not continually follow all the phaleristic and other forums. Phones: +49 (0) 7531 28 29 059 (with answering machine and recorder for a message!) +49 (0) 7531 28 44 46 (with answering machine and recorder for a message!) +49 (0) 151 15 06 18 41 (mobile) and if all this doesn't work for what reason ever, there is the postal address; Michael Autengruber - Schulthaissstrasse 10 - 78462 Konstanz / Germany I hope that at least one of these measures enables every one around the world to get in contact with me, who wants to do so! Beste regards Michael Autengruber
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