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  1. unbelievable family history and documentation, just order the book after reading this post
  2. Trying to put together the history of the 192nd Infantry regiment - could anyone direct me to a current reference in Russian or English that I could buy ? Or perhaps a book seller that could search for such a reference ?
  3. Really proud that you traced a great part of your family history!! Always amazes me how relatives dump these prized reminders of family history and achievement.
  4. I believe that its the most amazing imperial Russian photo I've ever seen !!! Thank you.
  5. Any idea of what a non-Christian lst class goes for these days ?
  6. and you need to write a book - far too little available information on the subject !!!!
  7. A great posting and a very helpfull pictorial for the collector - many thanks
  8. Thank you for your information - I have been searching for this information for 6 months. Do you know a bood seller that sells your reference book ?
  9. Looking for information on the the Rymnikskiy Regiment circa 1917. Can someone kindly help me with information on this unit or point me to a relevant source ?
  10. Just received the book "the Turkish War Medal" by Demir Erman and was rather impressed with his work. I collect Turkish war medals, but had been put off by the lack of reference material on the subject. The book is a solf covered one and rather inexpensive but the author has put his heart and soul into the effort. Quite a bit of background material on the turkish military establishment and the thought that went into establishing the medal. Good sections on the comparison of the turkish medal to the German and Austrian variations, the packaging of the medal, and the various award certificates. Definitely gives the beginner collector a basis to begin his colllection in an intelligent manner at a low investment price. Well recommended for the money.
  11. what a wonderfull career and a magnificient military grouping !!!
  12. very, very nice and thank you for the information on the shop !!!
  13. Until the world's politicans take action against the bankers and financial centers that support terrorism activities this one death will have little effect on the safety of our society.
  14. I bought it on the spur of the moment for a very modest sum - once I got into reading it and seeing the vast detail, I quite frankly have been overcome by the quality of the book. I'm going to keep it and was just wondering how rare they were and what it should be insured for.
  15. Located a Nicholas II Wedding Album (French Edition), the type presented to wedding guests. Album is in absolutly perfect condition, anyone have any idea of its current value ?
  16. Found a Nicholas II Wedding Table Medal in the original presentation box - medal is the large silver variation (lg gold, small gold, large silver and small silver) and is the type presented to guests at the wedding. Both the medal and presentation box are in perfect (mint) condition. Anyone have any idea what the medal is worth these days ?
  17. Thank you for some wonderfull pictures - never have seen this particular lot before !!!!
  18. Have a Nicholas II Wedding Album that has decended down my family line to myself. The album is in the French language version and was given (awarded) to distinguished guests at the wedding. The album is magnificent, complete and in absolutely mint condition. Have found many references to it in Russian Imperial reference books but cannot ascertain what a valuation might be for insurance purposes. Any help from the members would be deeply appreciated.
  19. Being offered an Allach Elephant #104 - elephant is in perfect shape, but quite frankly I have never seen one before. Any idea of the value range for one ?
  20. Went directly to the Winidore Press and got "Iron Time" for about $600.00 less than the next lowest price I could find.
  21. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Any idea of booksellers that may handle these books - I tried Amazon and Barnes and Noble and "no luck" . Thanks Mike
  22. What are the best references for the Iron Cross - I inherited a large collection of WW1 Iron Crosses and need to research what I have. Thank you for your time.
  23. Truly magnificent !!!!! The holster itself is rather rare and the weapon is sensational.
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