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  1. The top badge is NOT Australian and looks like a restrike of the British tropical wings. The other two wings are from the USA. The badge with the up-swept wings is US Army and the other (should be gold coloured) is the US Navy/USMC qualification. I can see traces of 'flashing' that has not been cut from the bottom of the middle wing and the not so sharp detail on the badges lead me to suspect that these are copies and not original issue items. Hope that helps jules
  2. Thank you Gordon, very much appreciated. Regards Jules
  3. Hi Gordon, Not sure why the photograph did not load, but yes that is the group. cheers jules
  4. Hi guys, Can somebody help with the exact identification for all of these medals please. They are part of the estate of Hungarian paratrooper Császár Vilmos I think that these are the medals, but appreciate some expert advice. From left to right - Silver Bravery Medal (Horthy) - Fire Cross I Class (wreath w/ swords) awarded for operational service in the front line (combat) - ?? - Return of Northern Hungary medal - Liberation of Upper Hungary Medal (Transylvania) - Return of Southern Hungary - Balkan Campaign medal (Yugoslavia) Thanks jules Hungary WW2 Para Császár V
  5. Thanks guys, I'm heading back to Vietnam in just under three weeks time. Going to be spending this trip visiting the DMZ and battlefields of central Vietnam and will post an update to my site once I've gathered and sorted the material. Hopefully I'll find some bits for my collection along the way... although to be honest I'm not holding my breath. It will be the first time that I have returned to that part of Vietnam since 97 so if anybody has any suggestions for shops or places that may sell militaria in Hue, Danang, Hoi An or any of the towns around the DMZ, please let me know. cheers
  6. And another from my collection, French Indochina era pilots badge worn by the Red Cross Aviation Section aka IPSA (Infirmières Pilotes - Secouristes de l'Air) of the Vietnamese Armed Forces. Many of the IPSA nurses were also dual qualified as helicopter pilots and parachutists. Some of the French IPSA nurses, serving in Indochina, had formidable combat records. Paule Dupont d'Isigny was one such nurse. A veteran of the French resistance, Bernard Fall in his book "Street without Joy" recalls that she had "4200 flying hours, 30 combat missions and enough medals for bravery to last a regular a
  7. A small proportion of the nurses also undertook parachute training. Here is the French Indochina period Parachutist wings which were awarded to the female para qualifed nurses of the Infirmières Parachutistes Secouristes de l'Air. jules http://www.juleswings.wordpress.com A site for collectors of militaria and travelers interested in military history.
  8. Here's a couple of pix of my Burma/Myanmar Airborne & Special Forces collection. I was in Burma last year but despite much searching, couldn't find anything for my collection. But the situation in that country has changed greatly in the past 12 months and maybe things will change in the near future. I'm hoping to get back there next July to see what I can dig up. I've got quite a lot of current Cambodian stuff in my collection and I am hoping to scan it this coming week and will upload it as soon as time permits. jules http://www.juleswings.wordpress.com A site for collectors of
  9. Hi guy, Just joined GMIC and have been browsing the various forums and posts. Very glad to have found this site. I've been a collector since the 70's and one of my areas of interest is the French war in Indochina. I also travel through South East Asia a lot and am always on the lookout for shops, markets and other sources of militaria as well as visiting the various battlefields and sites of military importance. Anyway, I thought some of you may be interested in a piece I put on my blog about the Dan Sinh Markets in Ho Chi Minh City. Much of the junk that you see on eBay is sourced from
  10. Hi guys, Resurrecting this topic as I am heading to KL for a few days next month as a stop over enroute to Danang. Whilst there I'll be visiting the Police, Army and Air Force museums and of course searching for medals, badges and insignia so any tips on where to go is greatly appreciated. Cheers jules http://www.juleswings.wordpress.com A site for collectors of militaria and travelers interested in military history.
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