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  1. Just saw 2 original medal in Japan Auction!!!
  2. WW2 Navy Pilot medal to commemorate the successful attack of Pearl Harbor - dated Showa 16 Dec. 8 (Dec. 8, 1941) front: 真珠湾 - Pearl Harbor Back 大東亞戰爭 - Great East Asia War / Pacific War ハワイ海戰 - Hawaii Sea War 昭和十六年十二月八日 - Dec. 8, 1941
  3. 陸軍 - Military force氣球 - Balloon or Air Balloon聯隊 - Squad
  4. Hi Sir Peter Monahan, thank you for the information and appreciation. I'll try to contact the OMSA if they are interested in publishing an article about those medals. Thank you
  5. Hi Mr. Fukuoka, yes those are the price nowadays for those medal. =)
  6. Hi just like to share some reference on ww2 Japanese - Philippine medals auctioned in US before one from Ray Czahor Collection http://old.stacksbowers.com/BrowseAuctions/LotDetail.aspx?AuctionID=6110&Lot=39556&LotID=474447 Other one from Dr. Roger McFadden Collection http://coins.ha.com/itm/philippines/world-coins/philippines-japanese-occupation-homma-silver-medal-1942-vf-/a/241449-61101.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515
  7. Hi Mr. Paul, about the publishing I have no much connection to the book writers. My only contact is Mr. Earl Honeycutt, I just send some images and info to him about the unknown medal that are not seen in reference books and also help him for his 2nd edition which will be done for the next 2 to 3 years i think.
  8. another type same material broken but re glue Do not know if those are trial version???
  9. Thank you Mr. Nick I think it takes more than 10 years to collect it. those in the photo are still not complete. there are still more variation out there most of them are not in the book. like this medals Also during the Corregidor and Bataan occupation in Philippines. two types of Media/ Journalist propaganda medals in Philippines. Can see some sample of there news paper like this one it is like a Bakelite material, weight is x5 lighter than the bronze ver.
  10. Oh i see thank you very much sir Paul for the detailed information about the 2 medals. It helps a lot, because I'm having a hard time analyzing its difference to each other. But now it is clear already. Thank you
  11. Hi may I ask what is the difference between of Royal American Order of Isabella the Catholic and Order of Isabella the catholic? Thank you at the back
  12. Thank you for the information Mr. Paul
  13. Oh i see Thank you Mr. Paul for the information on the upper part there is a stamp dated 1856
  14. Hi can anyone help me about this certificate and what is this Order?
  15. Thank you Nick =) ya some of those are hard to find, it take a lot of yearsss to complete it
  16. Hi just like to share a set of ww2 Japanese navy 1st class badge.
  17. haha funny Oh i see thank you for the explanation ​ noted
  18. haha it's true funny a professional seller - did his own announcement at the medal forum - attach the website of the previous auction history - did some shill bidding
  19. the seller is planing to have his own minimum price... not a fair auction price.
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