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  1. Hí Guys I want to show these crosses The "über" a no cut type and the little brothers is different core paint type I hope like it to you
  2. Hí Guys I would like the show you this is the my new cross mm125. already long time ago missing this is the type but now finaly is the arrived and it is very good condition and with full size ribbon I hope you will like
  3. This is original wartime Souval cross but not the better condition
  4. Hí please better pictures the front side 12 o'clock arm
  5. Hí Guys Just arrived this is a piece to me already long time looking this piece good condition now finally arrived What do you think about from cross and the box?
  6. Hí Guys I want to show you these crosses What do you think about it ?
  7. Hí James IMO Nincs semmi baj ezekkel a darabok akkor nyugodtan vásárol, az eredeti
  8. Hí Tony I not understand WW1 EK but very nice piece congrat
  9. Hi Guys I would like to ask your opinion about " LW cap " what is your opinion good or bad? And how much is it worth in this condition? Thank you in advance for your response.
  10. Thank you Ask you,worth share some more pictures of my collection ? Regards Sanya
  11. hello The front looks good, but the rear does not like me hardware, power, and the needle hook, I think were all other materials I do not like. Regards Sanya
  12. It is my Ubergroße cross . A cross inside (swastika) is not cut, full design It has long been hunting for one piece of These, Which Because many of the cross is cut off for touching the inside of the frame of the swastika Best Regards Sanya
  13. but if you put up a better picture of happy to tell you Sanya
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