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  1. I was in France in June and purchased a casque Adrian mle. 15 (fantassin). I can upload photos later, but aside from the fact that it saw some service (as indicated by dents in the left side of the helmet, with some mud-based abrasion) I don't know if there's any way to find out when/where it was issued. The lining (leather) is original, or a period replacement, although I can't say much more with confidence.
  2. A couple of years ago, I purchased a Bavarian Militär-Verdienst Kreuz, 3 klasse mit schwertern, with original presentation box (light blue with darker velvet lining) and ribbon. The first thing I noticed, which seems to be a common theme (from what little research I've done) was the relative shortness of the ribbon provided. Considering that the MVK mit schwertern is a wartime award and that examples I've seen date back to the Great War, was the shortness of the ribbon intended to serve only to fulfill display requirements for soldiers in the field?
  3. Hello all, It's been awhile since I've last been here, however I've returned with a fairly pressing question. Is there a reliable resource where I would be able to locate numbers of combatants and casualties associated with individual battles of the Great War, particularly the battles of Verdun and the Somme? Best regards
  4. I have in my possession, the 14-15 trio of driver Frank Hatton of the Royal Field Artillery. As a result, I have become quite interested in finding out more about the owner. I know that on the back of the 14-15 Star the number given is 2650, if it helps anyone.
  5. As a descendant of German Jews, I always love to see the contributions of my co-religionists to Germany. Do you know where he was from or whether he survived the holocaust?
  6. Thanks, Peter, I should probably have mentioned his name, as that should assist information gathering. He was named Norman Rabkin, was born in Belarus, emigrated to Canada as a baby, and volunteered c. 41-42. N
  7. Thanks, Rick, I wasn't sure that the one on the left was a 39-45 Star due to the fading. The Device is there, you just can't see it due to my poor quality photo. Peter, I wish I knew more. I know that some of his (highly censored) correspondences from Burma were on the net some years ago, but I don't have any of the unit information. I believe that he was an aircraftman and I know that his squadron was equipped with Hurricanes, not that that is very helpful. I know that he was somehow involved in the documentary Canada's War in Colour. Thanks to all. N
  8. So my Step-father's father served in the RCAF and was attached to the RAF during the Second World War. I know that he was stationed in Burma doing radar work, although this information was not declassified until after I was born. We have his ribbon bar (probably partial) in a frame upstairs and I was trying to identify the medal on the left. Thanks, N
  9. You're right, some poor soul fell for it.
  10. Thanks. All that I knew was that this never existed, I was unsure whether there was a market for fantasy versions of real orders, decorations, et c. Is such a market existant?
  11. I found this on ebay earlier, a 1914 "Knight's Cross" EK; also known as complete ######. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1813-Army-German-Prussian-Grand-Knights-Iron-Cross-Oakleaves-Swords-Diamonds-/221247795292?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item338365705c Any Clue whether the seller is trying to pass this off as genuine or repro of a real award? Also, any other fantasy Iron Crosses would be appreciated.
  12. From what I have read, being a Beamte meant that you forfeited your worker's rights. Maybe as such it is a reference to having to fight through the trenches of bureaucracy with heroic self-sacrifice.
  13. Does anyone know whether a second EK II would be given for someone who merited it in combat as well as having an NC?
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