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  1. Happy New Year as well (sorry for the late reply.) I have found some great new books recently which may be of interest to you, although my focus is WWII: For King and Another Country: An Amazing Life Story of an Indian WW2 RAF.. The Sixth Column the Heroic Personal Story of Mahmood Khan Durrani With Eight... Managed to find cheap copies on ebay and amazon, think abebooks has them as well. Hope they are of some use....
  2. Thanks for the link, yep seen it already. I'm in sunny England, near Manchester in the North.
  3. Peter, Thank you for the heads-up. Look forward to any information you can provide. I've got some really good resources for WWI, in particular a book called: 'Indian Voices of the Great War, Soldiers Letters, 1914-18' by David Omissi. It's a wide collection of letters send by various Indian soldiers - fascinating reading. Wish I could find something like this for the ones who fought in WWII. Cheers.
  4. Hello, Interesting reading. If I may ask a favour? I'm trying to find memoirs, diaries, letters, audio/film recordings from Indian soldiers who fought in WWII in any theatre of battle, but particularly in Italy or Europe in general. I know they fought in Burma, the Middle East, North Africa, Italy, Greece, and even some in Britain but have not been able to find any personal memoirs, diaries, letters, audio/film recordings etc describing their story in their own words. There are plenty of such letters etc for non-Indian soldiers. I was wondering if you know of any or could point me in the right direction. It would be much appreciated. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
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