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  1. Bob, You are right, placing a name to a piece makes it all that more interesting, out of all of Rosenbergs medals and badges this is the best I could have ever asked for, due to it being numbered. The rest could have been made up. I do love the early British campaign medals for the detail that they have on them. I have started taking an interest in the RAF sets due to the amount of information that you can get with flight logs etc. Taff
  2. Stan, I saw the Coburn Badge in 2000 it was what originally threw me about the party number, he had it listed rightly as we know as 625 and I questioned my friend then becuase I had just received the letter form the Bundesarchives saying Rosenberg was number 18. It does question how much is this badge worth, I really suppose that it deppends on who wants it!! Taff!
  3. Thanks Gary, I really do not collect political items either and I have to admitt that I was dissapointed all them years back when I first found out that it might have been Rosenberg and not a knights Cross winner or even someone that I had heard of but now I would not have changed it for the World. I cannot believe the response that this has had and I have now got a fascination to find out more, especially through the Families side and how he was captured etc. Regards Taff
  4. Thanks Mike, you have got some really nice early photo?s and documentation there, It is lucky that they survived too. Paper work is harder to look after, people tend to go for the gongs first I think. Is that a German officers uniform that he is wearing in his cells do you think, It looks political or is it something that the Americans gave him. Regards Taff
  5. Thanks Guys It is amazing, I have been collecting Military items for thirty odd years as well and I cannot believe it either. I have seen the books saying rare badges under a 1000 but under 20 and to such an inportant person. Again thanks for everyone who helped trace it especially Robin!! I owe you a pint or two!!! Taff
  6. Wow!! Thanks Robin that is amazing!! it has been thrown in the back of a cupboard in a very old house for years, my friends Father thought that it was Ribbentrop, but this has confirmed it. I am amazed after reading so much about Rosenberg, I did not realise how inportant he was. You have made my day!! Regards Taff
  7. Thanks it is a lovely find, I Remember my friend telling me about 15 years ago that his Dad had some german badges and said that he thought that it was 13 at the time, it was that low and I had never seen one before that I thought that it was a RZM number. I have promissed the family that it will not be sold, so do not start checking e-bay. and if you do see one for sale ignore it!! Regards Taff
  8. Thanks for the help guys, I did try to reply just now but I do not think that it got through, if I end up repeating myself do not worry, this site is new to me!! I have just looked at Jamie Cross's Golden Party List and 18 is on it, so I have sent an e-mail to ask who he thinks that it is. I have attached a copy of the German Cross, it is numbered 20 under the pin and is a 4 hollow rivet construction. The heavy version I believe. Regards Taff quote name='Robin Lumsden' date='Jul 17 2006, 18:57 ' post='94803'] Here's Fred with his larger GPB...........
  9. I agree, he would have to be mad wearing this badge however I do remember my friends Father saying before he died that his Father had a lot of sporting guns from him as well, this might indicate that he had been to his house!!, which might account for how he got it. I have a book titled "Hitler and the Nazi leaders" by Ian Allan who says that he was a "Honorary SS General"?, It also shows his Detention card which shows him wearing a political uniform I believe, however it is hard to see because of the card in front of him. Who ever number 18 is he was hung on the first day, so that does reduces the search to 12 people. I remember my friends Father also saying that he heard his Father jumping for joy when he heard that the Officer in question was Hung at Nuremburg.
  10. I have just had confirmation that this was Alfred Rosenberg's which is really nice to know, his party number changed from 625 to 18 in 1925. I now have to dig out the surrender details to find out how the German cross in Gold and a Army Officer Dagger come into it, was he acting as a German Officer during his capture. There is also a German Russian front fur coat which he was wearing at the time. If any one has any ideas on how to find out about this I would very much appreciate it. I now have the family trying to find out what happened to the rest of the collection. I know that there was a lot of sporting guns as well, which have long since gone!!
  11. Thanks Robin, coming from you that means a lot to me. I am pretty sure that it was Alfred Rosenbergs. I got this information from the BUNDESARCHIV in Berlin, there has been a little confussion which is why I asked becuase Roenberg also had the number 625. Regards Nigel
  12. Thanks Laurence, I hope that these photo's are ok, there was a German cross and a German Army Dagger to. Regards Nigel
  13. Hi, I am about to purchase from a good friend an original 25mm Party badge in Gold, its athenticity in not the question however I am sure that it will end up being such. The badge with a few other items was taken from a very famous German by my friends grandfather who was a British Officer in the War. The issue number is 18 which is pretty low. I now have the problem of how much do I offer and will anyone ever believe that it is correct!! If any one can confirm the NSDAP number I would appreciate it. The German in question was one of the 12 hung in the first days of the Nuremburg Trials. I have not got any photo's yet however I have seen it many years ago. Taff!!!
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